Live webinar July 22: Mastering Azure DevOps Integration

Jul 5, 2019 | Announcements, Product Insights

Azure Mastering Webinar
Join us on Monday, July 22 for the next webinar in the Mastering Ranorex Studio series, Mastering Azure DevOps Integration

Azure DevOps is the evolution of Visual Studio Team Services. It can be used as a source control tool and a continuous integration system simultaneously. During this mastery webinar you will see how both of these roles function. You will witness how easy it is to create an Azure DevOps project designed to upload and build a Ranorex test solution and seamlessly run it via a local agent on Azure DevOps.

The webinar is intended to give Azure DevOps users a good understanding of how to integrate automated tests created within Ranorex Studio into their test pipelines and manage them there.


  • Technical requirements and setup
  • Creating an Azure DevOps project
  • Creating a Ranorex test solution
  • Integration of Ranorex solution into Azure DevOps using Git
  • Setup and configuration of a local Azure DevOps Agent
  • Creation and execution of an Azure Pipeline building and running a Ranorex test solution

Visit our webinar information page to register now!

The previous webinars in the Mastering Ranorex Studio series are available on-demand.

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