Live webinar April 23: Mastering Ranorex Studio Reporting

Apr 15, 2019 | Announcements, Product Insights

Mastering reporting

Join us on Tuesday, April 23 for the next webinar in the Mastering Ranorex Studio series, Mastering Ranorex Studio Reporting.

Every test run in Ranorex Studio ends in a report. After all, how else would you know whether the test run was successful? This webinar gives a detailed overview of how this critical element of Ranorex Studio functions and an insight into the sheer volume of options and information available in reports. We begin with an introduction into the concept of report levels and the standard reporting behavior of Ranorex Studio, before moving on to witness hands-on application techniques of report customization. By the end of the webinar, you will have been introduced to complex report customization based on user code. The target audience are testers with basic experience with Ranorex Studio.

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The previous webinars in the Mastering Ranorex Studio series are available on-demand.

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