Mobile App Automation Testing Using Selenium

Mar 21, 2023 | Product Insights, Test Automation Insights

iOS Automation Testing with Ranorex Studio

Ranorex is the premier automated mobile testing platform because of its user-friendly design, efficient tools, and integrations with popular software such as Selenium. Ranorex users can work with Selenium to design and execute mobile tests for a variety of environments on iOS, Android, and web browsers.

Selenium Mobile Testing

Selenium WebDriver is a popular, open-source automated testing software that is used for web applications. It includes an API for automating browser actions, language-specific bindings, and a set of browser-specific drivers.

Is Selenium Mobile App Testing Possible?

Selenium cannot be used for automated mobile or desktop applications on its own. But it can be used to test a wide variety of desktop and mobile environments when integrated with Ranorex. 

Selenium WebDriver is built into the Ranorex Studio automation framework, and it allows teams to collaborate to build tests for execution on Selenium, regardless of programming expertise. This allows users to get the best features of both Selenium WebDriver and Ranorex Studio.

Automated Mobile App Testing with Ranorex

In the fast-paced and competitive mobile applications environment, continuous development and deployment are key. Ranorex Studio is designed to quickly build and execute tests that can be executed in parallel across multiple devices and environments.

One of the most useful aspects of Ranorex’s design is that it can run on emulators and real-world devices—without having to modify, jailbreak, or root the devices. To get set up, users just need either a Wi-Fi or USB connection. This allows users to quickly get up and running and be confident that their software will perform in a real-world environment.

Ranorex’s mobile automation testing tools also allow testers to simulate a variety of situations to perform comprehensive tests on mobile devices. These customizable parameters include battery life, memory, CPU state, text messages, and phone calls. Gesture inputs such as “swipe,” “change orientation,” or “touch” also be programmed into the test to simulate real-world interactions.

How to Automate Mobile App Testing

Our software is designed so that users with a wide range of experiences can create and execute tests. Getting started with Ranorex Studio is easy with our wizard-like setup that only takes a few minutes to complete. Developers can build end-to-end, data-driven tests for both smartphones and tablets using data exported from SQL, CSV, or Excel.

Users can utilize the full IDE in Ranorex Studio to build tests using C# or, then execute on Selenium-supported platforms. But testers don’t need to know how to write code for Selenium WebDriver. They can use the Ranorex Recorder to add validation steps, define variables, and execute tests. Developers can also create user code libraries for testers to use without having to write code themselves.

Selenium WebDriver mobile app and mobile web tests can then be used across devices with different resolutions and screen sizes using RanoreXPath. The tests are seamlessly integrated into your existing CI environment. Testing results are given to the user in comprehensive XML-based reports that can be viewed as HTML, PDF, or JUnit-compatible files.

Test reports are customizable and clearly show failed test steps and even recordings, so testers can see what went wrong without having to rerun the tests. Performance analysis logs can be used to find the steps that used the most time and resources and could be improved.

How to Automate Android Apps with Selenium

Ranorex’s robust toolset works for both iOS and Android. Tests can be frequently updated and run on emulators or real-world devices. They can also be run in parallel across devices to see how they are affected by different parameters.

Our staff has created a helpful guide on how to set up Ranorex for Android, iOS, and web browsers.

Mobile App Automation Testing Tools

Ranorex empowers collaboration within and across teams and is designed with behavior-driven development in mind. Using our DesignWise software, teams can work more efficiently by creating tests quickly and with less redundancy. But Ranorex is also well suited to test-driven development for developers to get quick feedback, increase productivity, and create flexible and maintainable code.

Mobile Testing Tools Available with Ranorex

While Selenium has a strong set of testing tools available, Ranorex adds a suite of its own.

  • Reliable Object Identification
  • Full IDE
  • Image-Based Comparison
  • Built-in Reporting
  • Shareable Object Repository
  • UI Object Map Editor
  • Support for Xpath Expressions
  • Support for Dynamic IDs
  • Automatic UI Object Synchronization
  • Automatic Creation of JUnit Compatible Reports

Why Choose Ranorex?

Ranorex has been trusted by more than 4,000 users because of our powerful tools, user-friendly design, and commitment to security. On the G2 Grid for Test Automation Software, Ranorex is not only recognized as a market leader in its adoption rate, but it also ranks highly in user satisfaction. The G2 Grid rating is based on an analysis of verified users who recognize Ranorex’s ease of use and implementation, along with its ROI.

Since Selenium is open source, it does not receive the level of updates and support that Ranorex does. We have an experienced and dedicated team that releases frequent patches to fix bugs and optimize features. Any issues with libraries and frameworks can be addressed quickly through Ranorex’s updates.

Purchasing a Ranorex license includes a year of renewable customer support. Our professional support staff can troubleshoot problems and save your team valuable time when you hit a tech roadblock.

Ranorex also directly integrates with a wide range of development tools, including Jira, Azure DevOps, Git, and SVN. 

Start Mobile App Automation Testing Using Selenium Today

Download a free trial of Ranorex Studio to see for yourself how it can empower Selenium WebDriver with mobile testing capabilities.

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