Ranorex Studio 8.0 Released

Dec 13, 2017 | Announcements, Product Insights

Ranorex 8.0 Released

Christmas is here a little early! Now there’s one more reason to celebrate the season, with a brand-new major version of Ranorex Studio available just in time to accelerate your end-of-year testing projects. Ranorex 8.0 delivers significantly faster issue analysis with the ability to make immediate corrections to automated tests, as well as a simplified test deployment method and a full makeover of the user interface.

Improvements in Ranorex 8.0:

  • Ranorex 8.0 introduces a brand-new maintenance mode that helps you resolve issues in failing test runs as soon as they occur, and continue a test run after fixing any errors. Spend more time improving the test strategy and less time debugging failed automated tests.
  • You now have an option to simplify remote test deployment: Generate automation projects as portable packages that include the Ranorex runtime, thus eliminating the need to preinstall Ranorex on a remote machine.
  • The user interface has gotten a full makeover, with usability improvements and an entirely new simplified toolbar.
  • The Ranorex Recorder has a new smart mechanism that eliminates extraneous keystrokes while preserving those that are necessary to perform a test. This makes recordings much more readable and easier to maintain.

If you’re not yet using Ranorex Studio to accelerate your software testing, now is a great time to download our risk-free trial version – no credit card required.

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