Ranorex Studio 9.2 Released

Oct 16, 2019 | Announcements, Product Insights

Ranorex Studio 9.2

9.2 Introduces support for WinForms and WPF applications when running with .Net Core 3.0. This release also brings an elegant simplicity to data-driven testing, and gives during-execution control over tests. Download release 9.2 today to take advantage of the following improvements: 

Keeping fit for the future of test automation

  • Support for WinForms, and WPF when running on .Net Core 3.0. Early adopters of this cutting-edge technology can begin and continue to make Ranorex Studio their home for test automation
  • Substantially faster test runs. In-house test have shown up to 30% increases in performance

Simple and refined user experience

  • Increased control with the brand-new pause and resume test execution feature, even when running tests outside of maintenance mode
  • Automatic generation of data sources based on defined but unbound variables
  • The brand-new data binding pad gives a complete and searchable overview of all variables, making even large tests easy to understand
  • Data iterations are now labeled in reports to give an unprecedented level of information
  • Video reporting available from within the API interface

In the marketplace for integration

  • Jenkins Pipeline support
  • Build and release management available from within the Azure DevOps marketplace

All-in-one Test Automation

Cross-Technology | Cross-Device | Cross-Platform

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