Ranorex Studio 9.3 Released

Feb 26, 2020 | Announcements, Product Insights

Ranorex Studio 9.3

Ranorex 9.3 introduces the all-new Ranorex Coach, enhanced Jira and TestRail reporting, and reaffirms Ranorex’s commitment to unrivaled object recognition with GDI+ and Microsoft’s new Edge support.

Feedback at your fingertips

  • Be empowered to write the most stable, reliable, and robust tests with the Ranorex Coach
  • Let Ranorex Coach ensure that you always follow best practices while still benefiting from the freedom Ranorex Studio offers

Support for the very latest technology

  • Be the first to benefit from test automation support for Microsoft Chromium Edge
  • Continue to benefit from best-in-class object recognition with GDI+ support

Unleash the power of reporting

  • Receive full reporting capabilities in the worlds leading test case management solutions
  • Fix failing test cases from within a Jira issue or TestRail test with ease
Watch our on-demand webinar

Watch our on-demand free webinar

What’s New in Ranorex Studio Release 9.3: Watch this demonstration of Ranorex Studio 9.3’s new features followed by a Q&A with the Ranorex Studio product team 24/7.

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