Reduce Your Automated Testing Effort with Jira Integration

Jun 19, 2020 | Product Insights

Jira integration with Ranorex

If you’re an experienced user of test automation, you already know that the process of maintaining tests, keeping test cases current, and finding and fixing issues is very time-consuming. To help ease the burden of test maintenance, Ranorex Studio offers real-time integration with Jira. By automating Jira operations within Ranorex Studio, you no longer have to physically go to Jira to create or close tasks.

How it works

With just a few clicks in Ranorex Studio’s Jira Wizard, the one-time setup (using either Jira Server or Jira Cloud) allows you to connect directly to your Jira project. Unlike other test automation platforms, no Jira plugin download or installation is required. Ranorex Studio also includes a Jira Configuration panel that allows you to set field defaults, select values for additional fields, or update values already set in the wizard.

You’re probably already running overnight or check-in test suite automation to ensure that your products are of the highest standards of quality. It is essential for you and your team to be able to automatically capture and report any automated tests that are no longer working and need to be addressed. By submitting incident tickets directly into Jira, these failures allow your team to view, manage, prioritize, and report on the required test repairs on your timetable using your existing workflows and defect management processes.

Ranorex Studio will automatically create a Jira ticket for each failing test and even assign it to the correct owner. The Jira project, summary, priority, and assignee are all automatically assigned by Ranorex Studio. The Ranorex Studio test report, screenshots, and even the video report are attached to the ticket making it easy to trace and fix the test failure. If the test suite is rerun and continues to fail, Ranorex Studio is smart enough to know that a ticket already exists and no new tickets are created. Once the test runs successfully, the ticket is automatically closed by Ranorex Studio.

Ranorex Studio also offers the capability to manually create issues directly from a test report. With one button click, Ranorex Studio will open the Jira create screen, select the Jira project, and fill in essential fields including the summary, priority, assignee, etc. From that screen, you can attach reports/screenshots or change field values. As with the automated process, if the test is rerun and fails, it will detect the existing ticket and make the appropriate updates. Once the test rerun is successful, the ticket is closed by Ranorex Studio.

Ranorex Studio’s seamless integration helps make test maintenance a worry-free task — making QA’s daunting job a lot easier.

We see Jira integration and simplifying test maintenance in general as an important part of our future. Look for exciting improvements in the coming months. Ranorex Studio allows your team to be more productive by helping you to document your test case maintenance issues in an automated fashion. We plan to implement more product improvements and integrations in order to easily help you keep your regression tests up and running so you can focus on the fun parts of your job, building quality software.

If you want to learn more about this powerful feature please refer to the user guide, Ranorex Jira Integration, where you will find more detailed information.

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