Ranorex Studio New Release 10.4 – Reporting Enhancements

Nov 2, 2022 | Announcements, Product Insights

Ranorex Studio New Release 10.4 – Reporting Enhancements

Ranorex Studio 10.4 brings improvements and expansions to the product’s reporting capabilities.  The additions below along with some minor enhancements provide several new benefits for our customers.  These new features make collaborating on your tests easier.

Every test run ends with a report.  The report details the entire test run from beginning to end giving you insight into the successful, failed and block test cases, errors and warnings, iterations, and more.  In this blog post, we will go over the new features and enhancements release 10.4 brings to our customers.

  • New filters help reduce the amount of detail in the report and reduce the output size.
    • Test Suite report filters in the Report Properties area allows the user to reduce the amount of unwanted detail in all reports.  This filter controls the Types of Actions that will be reported for the whole test suite.

    • A category filter in the test report results (.rxlog files) allows the user to view specific actions or categories they want to see and filter out those that don’t provide valuable information.

  • New Test Report Fields in the Header
    • An editable text Description field has been added to the Test suite Report Settings area.  This helps the user better describe the type or reason for the test run.
    • The Username and Run Configuration Name are now added to the automated PDF reports

  • PDF reports by test suite and test case
    • The user can enable PDF report generation as a single report for the entire test run or individual PDF reports for each test case in the test run. Along with enabling either of these features, the user can choose the destination report directory.

  • Masking of variables and parameters gives the user the ability to mask data passed using variables or parameters so that they can share reports without worrying about sensitive data. This supports better business collaboration and security.

  • New purge options for older reports have been added so that the user can choose to purge reports that are 7, 14, or 28 days old.

  • A CSV export option has been added.
    • A new tab has been added to the Report Properties. This new area is where the user can enable the generation of a CSV report and select what data fields to include in the export. The CSV file is generated from the .rxlog.data file that corresponds with the test suite execution. The data included will be based on existing report levels and action filters selected.

The Reporting Improvements 10.4 release from Ranorex Studio shows our commitment to our customers to bring their feedback and recommendations to the product.

At Ranorex, we offer a tools that improves your software development through data-driven testing. We know what the best automation practices are, and we leverage them to help you create the software you envision. Check us out today and download the “Free Trial”


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