What You Should Look For in Regression Testing Software

Jun 16, 2022 | Test Automation Insights

Regression testing software can help you make the manual regression testing process automated. It can save a lot of time and effort. But what is regression testing software? What should you look for when you are deciding on the regression testing tool of your choice? Why are automated regression testing tools more efficient than their manual counterparts?  We will break it down and make it easy for you when the time comes to choose your software. You’ll have the right information so that you know exactly what to look out for and why.  

What Is Regression Testing Software? 

During the process of creating software, you run multiple tests at different stages. Then you fix the problems and do it all again. 

The only problem with that process is that you change the code when you are fixing the errors. Problems that you have fixed in previous versions or things that have worked in the past can get messed up while other errors are getting fixed. 

This is called regression. You need tests that can rerun the functional and non-functional tests to ensure that your software still works the way it should. Regression tests are repetitive, done frequently and exponentially grow in time committed to the task. 

Having an automated regression testing tool is much better for time management — and for your workload. These automated regression testing tools can run the tests as often as you need them and find any faults before they become a problem. 

Core Features To Look For in Regression Testing Tools

There are many features you can look for in a regression testing tool that will make your software testing much easier and more efficient. Using a tool that has these features will allow you to deliver a quality product and a positive user experience. 

Let’s look at some of the core features you need in your regression testing tools. 

Ability To Conduct Relevant Tests

This is the top factor to consider in a regression test tool. It has to be able to conduct the tests you need. Otherwise, there’s no point in having it at all. What are some of the tests that you need to perform using regression testing software? 

Keyword testing

This is a test that uses an executable collection of keywords. A keyword is a defined combination of actions on a test object. 

Software engineers can create a maintained automation framework consisting of these shared assets in the form of keywords. This works to keep your tests clearly arranged. You can also use a keyword-driven test over and over to make sure that regression does not happen. 

Data-Driven Testing 

This is where the test data is stored in a table or spreadsheet. It allows testers to input a single test script. Using the input data, the test is performed with each row of data, testing possible scenarios and user inputs that otherwise might not be tested.

It is a valuable testing technique and one that can test a lot of data, even more so when the test is automated. 

Ability To Create an Effective Regression Testing Suite

A regression testing suite is created to make sure that your regression testing won’t create other problems. It is a set of scenarios to ensure that any correction you make won’t create even more bugs in the long run. 

This is imperative when doing regression testing. Otherwise, you would end up in a never-ending loop of finding bugs and fixing them, just to create more issues. Your software would never get released. 

Creating an effective regression testing suite will keep this from happening. 

Automated Testing for Efficient Regression Testing

Manual testing is a possibility in regression testing. However, it takes a long time, and mistakes are easy to miss along the way. 

To make sure that your regression testing is done in an efficient way, automated tools are likely your best bet. 

Efficient Execution of the Testing Process

Having an efficient way to execute your tests is another important testing feature to look for in your regression testing software. Using regression testing helps your team make sure that the tests are done in an efficient way and that you find any problems that could have been left from past testing and future product improvements. 

Regression testing is one of the final ways that you will confirm that your new product is ready to be sold and used. You don’t want to lose a lot of time in this process. 

The testing needs to be done relatively quickly. When a new piece of software is almost ready, you want to get it out as soon as possible. That means that the testing process needs to be fast. 

You also need to know that the tests are complete and that all issues are found and can be fixed. Only if both of those criteria have been met can you really say that the testing process was executed efficiently. 

Stop Manual Testing and Automate Your Testing Strategy

Do you want to get an edge on your competitors?  Do you need to make sure your tests are done quickly? 

Do you want to make sure the tests you do are efficient and will allow you to find the bugs in the software? Do you want to know for certain that regression isn’t playing a part in the software failing? 

Then the best choice you can make is to automate your testing strategy instead of doing it manually. This will make your regression testing efficient and effective. 

Contact Ranorex today to get an instant demo of our automated regression testing tools. We can show you all the ways that automated regression testing can help your company. This tool can make your testing process go a lot more smoothly. 

Let us show you how. 

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