Software Quality Days 2016 in Vienna

Feb 3, 2016 | Announcements

Software Quality Days 2016 in Vienna

This year the Software Quality Days, one of Europe’s most comprehensive events on software quality, took place from January 18 – 21, 2016 at the hotel Savoyen in Vienna. As a team of three, we represented Ranorex and made sure to tackle hot topics in test automation. Now that we’re back, we’d like to quickly recap this event for you.


As part of the Solution Provider Forum, I gave a talk on the “Advantages of a unified approach for cross-technology testing”. With the growing importance of multi-channel services, DevOps and the IoT, I strongly believe that a particular testing approach is required to provide customers with the quality and user experience they expect: cross-platform end-to-end testing. As part of my presentation, I demonstrated how these tests can easily be created with Ranorex and how we, already, support automated testing of wearables.

Back at our booth, we couldn’t wait to connect with prospect customers, answer questions, give live demonstrations and exchange thoughts on testing in general. The direct interaction with those interested in Ranorex was, as always, invaluable and the range of topics immense. While companies still relying on manual testing were fascinated to see how quickly and easily automated testing with Ranorex can improve their testing process, we were also happy to use our mobile devices and laptops to demonstrate in face-to-face interactions which automation approach best works for individual testing scenarios. A topic that sparked a lot of interest at our booth was definitely the upcoming Ranorex release, which will include remote test execution and support of Git. We also took this event to talk to potential future as well as current partners, such as imbus and Neotys, and were delighted with discussing possible integration use cases that will soon be available to our customers.

SWQD-Georg-K-2016     Software Quality Days 2016 in Vienna

We definitely had fun at this event. While we were busy showcasing our product, we also put our Ranorex stress balls in an informal juggling competition to good use – and were promptly awarded as most creative exhibitor.

The conference ended with an inspiring message from Hannes Treichel:  Don’t just try solve a problem by trying to figure out which steps you’ll have to take to reach a desired solution. Instead, ask yourself: “How can I get from a desired outcome back to my problem?”.

Stop by for live demonstrations and expert talks at our Ranorex booth at these upcoming software testing events.

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