Getting started with Ranorex Studio

Are you new to test automation with Ranorex Studio? If so, there are several resources to help you get started. If you prefer to learn from tutorial videos, scroll down for our Quick Start screencast series that demonstrates how to:

  • Download and install the trial version of Ranorex Studio
  • Create a test solution
  • Record and execute your first test case
  • Resolve a test case that has failed

Or, if you prefer to learn from text, read the Ranorex Studio Fundamentals section of the User Guide.

Download and install Ranorex Studio

Learn how to download and install the free 30-day trial of Ranorex Studio and create your first test.

Create a test solution

Learn about the Ranorex Studio Start screen and the components of a test solution.


Record a test

Use the Ranorex Recorder to capture user actions and build an automated test. To follow along, download the free Ranorex Demo Application and unzip it to a folder on your computer.


The action editor and the repository

This video introduces the action editor. Learn about the actions recorded in the previous video, and how these actions are connected to items in the repository.


Execute a test

See how to execute a test suite and view the test run report from within Ranorex Studio. For detailed instructions on executing a test suite from the command line or the Ranorex Test Suite Runner, refer to the Ranorex Studio User Guide.


Resolve a failing test case

Learn how to simulate a test run failure and resolve the failing test in the final video of the quick start series. The example in this video uses hard-coded test data. As an alternative to hard-coded test data, you can perform data-driven testing with Ranorex Studio. For information about data-driven testing, refer to the Ranorex Studio User Guide.


Next steps

Now that you’ve completed your first test, visit one of the resources below to continue improving your test automation skills with Ranorex Studio.

  • Join a free test automation webinar, available live or on-demand
  • Read about concepts such as GUI testing or regression testing in our testing resources.
  • Explore our user guide for introductory, intermediate, and advanced topics.
  • Visit the forum to exchange ideas with the community of Ranorex users
  • Contact one of our sales engineers for assistance in using Ranorex Studio in your environment