Video reporting
With Ranorex Studio version 9.0 we thought about how we can help you increase the stability and maintainability of your daily work test automation workflows. These are “the big topics” when doing test automation.

The challenge of failing test cases

We are all familiar with the following scenarios with our test automation projects:

  • My tests run perfect on my local test creation machine, but when running it on a remote machine it fails
  • The test succeeds most of the time, but then randomly fails

What’s the first thing we do when running into one of these scenarios?

We will have a look at the test report and try to reconstruct what made the test run fail, which, sometimes, is not that easy to do.

Wouldn’t it be great to just see exactly what made the test run fail – a video perhaps?

Yes, it would.

Video reporting – watch what makes your tests fail

With our latest release of Ranorex Studio, you can enable video reporting, which automatically produces a video of either all or just the failing test cases in your test suite.

After a test run completes, the test run report displays the result of each test case. Next to each test is a “Play video” button that allows you to view the video of the test directly from the test run report. Videos are also provided for the setup and teardown sections of your test case.

Curious as to how it works?

The following video will show you how to enable the video reporting feature and what the reports will look like:

Some Corner Facts:

  • The video reporting is based on test cases – that means you’ll get a video file for each test case showing you what happened to that test case.
  • Three options are available:
    • Videos will be created for every test case
    • Videos will be created for only failed test cases
    • No video will be created at all
  • The new feature is available
    • Locally at the machine on which you are running Ranorex Studio
    • Remotely on your Ranorex agents
    • And even in your CI pipeline
  • There are also settings regarding the quality and file size of the created videos allowing you to
    • Change the bitrate of videos
    • Change the framerate of videos
  • Additionally, you can define the screen where the video should be generated. Automatically the video will be recorded from the screen the mouse is positioned at.

If you want to learn more about this exciting feature please refer to the accompanying user guide section, Ranorex standard reporting, where you will find more detailed information.

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