What Is a Perpetual License?

Dec 23, 2022 | Product Insights


Ranorex offers perpetual licensing for all of our automated testing software products to help our customers save money. A perpetual software license allows the customer to use the software for as long as they wish with only a one-time purchase. Our clients also have the benefit of increased options and flexibility when compared to using a cloud-based subscription service.

Benefits of Perpetual Licensing vs. Subscription

Long-Term Savings

While perpetual software licenses have a larger upfront cost, a perpetual license is likely the most cost-effective option if you’re planning on using your software for the long term. A subscription service will charge by the month or by the year, but a perpetual license lasts indefinitely.


Perpetual licensing gives customers the option to choose what works best for them. Each purchase of a Ranorex software license includes professional support and software maintenance for the first year. Customers then have the option of continuing to use the software without those services or purchasing an annual renewal for a small fee. The Ranorex Enterprise and Runtime options include floating licenses that can be moved between physical and virtual machines.


As you know, software updates can come with problems. Not every new version of a software is compatible with the same products or is as user-friendly as the previous iteration. When using a subscription model, you may be stuck with the new software updates, but a perpetual license can allow you to continue operating the software you purchased. Many perpetual licenses also allow users to host the software on their own servers, which gives them additional options, oversight, and control of their protocols and security.

Fixed Price Point

We’ve all subscribed to services that initially seemed inexpensive and then raised their prices. For example, many streaming service companies start with a low price only to increase their prices each year. When you purchase a perpetual software license, you know what you’re getting, and you won’t have to reassess your budget each time your software provider raises its price.

Ranorex also offers a free trial so our customers can be confident in their purchase before they buy.

Business Factors of a Perpetual License

What Companies Would Benefit from a Perpetual License?

Any company that knows it will be using its software for more than a short period of time would benefit from using a perpetual software license. The peace of mind that perpetual licensing can bring is also great for business owners that prefer to avoid surprises. While some companies have flexibility in their budgets, others need to know all of their expenses up front.

Why Have Some Developers Moved Away from Offering Perpetual Licenses?

Many software developers have shifted to a subscription-based model because they believe it can create the perception that their product is less expensive than the competition. They are able to advertise the comparatively low price of a month’s subscription and draw customers by leading them to believe that their company’s software is the most cost effective. In the long term, however, subscription-based software often costs the user more money.

Why Ranorex Offers a Perpetual Software License

Ranorex is a veteran in the test automation world, and our experienced staff has worked with companies and governments around the world. We know how to design a product that is secure, effective, and flexible, giving our customers the options they need to get the job done. That’s why we offer perpetual licensing on all of our software products. We believe in offering the customer the best deal with the most flexibility.

Maintenance and Support Under a Perpetual License

All customers who purchase a Ranorex software license will automatically receive 12 months of software updates and professional support. While the software can be used indefinitely, an annual renewal can be purchased to continue the service support. The price of renewal will vary depending on the software purchased.

In addition to professional support from Ranorex’s experienced customer service team, we also have an extensive forum network available to all of our users. The forum is home to thousands of posts, including the latest on software updates, Ranorex Certification, bug reports, and a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions. It also includes community resources such as how-to guides and downloadable automation modules and examples.

Be Sure of Your Purchase with Ranorex

We want our customers to feel confident in their purchase, which is why we offer a free trial of Ranorex Studio. Quotes are also available for each of our software options, including Studio, Enterprise, and Runtime.

Ranorex Reviews

Still aren’t sure if Ranorex is the right automated test software for your business? We believe a look at the independently verified reviews from our customers will show that Ranorex is one of the most effective tools on the market and that our customer support team will make sure you have what you need to get the job done.

“Ranorex Rocks!” — Pavel K. (Test Automation Engineer)

“What I really like about Ranorex is its wide coverage of technologies, relative ease to learn and use UI, pretty robust and reliable element recognition, and very helpful and responsive support. In fact, their proactive and friendly support was one of the major decision points for me. I’ve been working with Ranorex since 2012 and so far, I was always able to achieve my goals (automating mainly desktop and web-based apps).”

“Meeting All of Our Automation Needs” — Tim B. Ops (Support Engineer)

“Ranorex has helped our small staff, with limited resources, develop a large series of regression suites that test our software weekly. It has become an invaluable tool for us, and something we are continually finding new ways to incorporate. They have great customer service and are continually updating and adding useful features. Ranorex is an affordable alternative that is easy to get up and running.”

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