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Ranorex Studio’s multi-platform support enables robust end-to-end testing of an enterprise web application.

What's new in Ranorex Studio 8.0

Customer Profile

In today’s global economy, protecting and managing intellectual property is a priority, especially for multinational enterprises. The Unycom IP management software helps corporate IP departments in multinationals such as Siemens, Philips and Daimler meet this challenge. The Unycom web-based application streamlines the entire IP process from invention disclosures, through patent applications, patent prosecution, royalty payments, and more. Given the time-critical and valuable nature of the information that their system handles, it is essential that Unycom deliver stable and reliable functionality.


Unycom needed a test automation solution to perform real-world, critical end-to-end tests on both web and desktop, ensuring quality for every customer while maintaining rapid development cycles.


Multiplatform Application

Unycom’s web-based solution integrates with Microsoft Office on the desktop. This ruled out using tools limited to testing web applications, such as Selenium Webdriver. Unycom needed a tool to support end-to-end testing of their web application in combination with multiple versions of Windows and Microsoft Office.

Agile environment

Unycom adopted an agile development approach approximately 8 years ago, with a typical sprint time of 3 weeks. With four scrum teams, each with three to five developers and one or two QA engineers, Unycom needed a solution that could deliver rapid development of automated tests.
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Unycom’s flagship product has one source code base that is configurable to meet individual customer needs. This flexibility requires Unycom to perform variance testing in addition to end-to-end testing for each unique release.

Our suite of over 800 Ranorex automated tests helps ensure that our users never experience any serious issues with our core functionality. And, we can complete these automated tests overnight, instead of the two weeks it would take our team to do them manually.”

Michael Kohlhuber, Head of Development, Unycom


Ranorex Studio helped Unyom complete a successful test automation project and realize significant time savings.

Using Ranorex Studio, the small test automation team at Unycom was able to build over 800 automated tests. These tests act as a safety gate through which all releases must pass. These tests validate all of the major core functionality of their product on the web and desktop, including document management and task management. It would take the entire QA staff around 2 weeks to manually perform the automated tests that now complete overnight, saving significant time and resources.


SAP testing with Ranorex Studio

Next steps and key takeaways

Currently, the stabilization phase after a feature is completed can take up to 3 weeks. During this time, the QA team conducts exploratory testing, executes the Ranorex test suite, runs integration tests, and performs about 200 additional manual test cases. Unycom’s next goal is to shorten the stabilization phase by automating the majority of these manual test cases with Ranorex Studio. Michael Kohlhuber has served as the Head of Development at Unycom since 2017. Prior to that, he served in various development roles from software engineer to scrum master, product owner, and team lead. His advice for organizations looking to adopt test automation is: “Train your people and structure the project upfront. As the team and the project grows, it’s important to keep structure in the project.”

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