How Data-Driven Testing Can Improve Your Software

Data-driven testing is a testing method for software that tests data that is specifically stored in a table or spreadsheet format. This style of testing allows testers to input a test script which will execute tests for all test data from a table and produce the output within that same table.

It is important because you may have multiple data tests that you want to test within a single element, and it can be time-consuming to create individual tests for each separate data set. With data-driven testing, you can keep the data separate from the test scripts so that the same script can be used for different combinations of input data.

Data-Driven Testing

What Is Data-Driven Testing?

Data-driven tests consist of two parts: the procedure and the data. The procedure is the set of steps that must be performed, and the data is the actual data that is used within the test.

One example of data-driven testing is a login test. In this style of test, you create a set of usernames and passwords that would serve as test cases for your login page. You would then store this information in a table where the program could run a test trying to log in utilizing each row in the table. Then, you could check the test’s results against the expected outcomes, whether they be valid or invalid.

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Data-Driven Testing Advantages

There are many benefits to using data-driven testing instead of creating individual test cases, including:

For beginners and experts

Reduced test maintenance

Rather than having redundant testing, you can utilize a single test case and simply change the test data without affecting the procedure.

Instant productivity

Faster test execution

A single automated test where the only thing that changes is the data means that you can conduct the test much more quickly than you would if you were doing manual, individual tests.

Instant productivity

Increased accuracy

Rather than be subject to human error, data-driven testing relies on machine accuracy, which makes it much more reliable.
Maximize resources

Improved use of resources

Automated testing ensures that your team is using their time effectively rather than just running repetitive or tedious tests.
Import, export, and synchronize

Betters storage of test data

In data-driven testing, test procedures and test data are stored separately, which means that you can share the data more easily, reuse it, or back it up as necessary.

Broad technology support

Use for more than just testing

Beyond functionality testing, you can use data-driven procedures to simulate data entry for load or performance testing and even to populate a test or a production database.
What is a data-driven testing framework?

Using a Data-Driven Testing Framework

There are several steps to creating a functional, data-driven testing framework. The first step is to identify the test cases. This means that you will want to determine what elements you are testing and what you would like them to be able to do.

Thereafter, you will want to create detailed steps for the testing process which you will transform into a test script. With Ranorex Studio, you can perform this without the need for coding knowledge, saving you time and additional effort.

Once you have this, you can then create the test data, which you will keep separate from the test case. You can then input the test data into your test case to begin testing.

Ranorex Studio will then run your tests for you and provide you with detailed and customizable reports for you to review bugs and repair them quickly and efficiently. Additionally, because the test data is stored separately from the test procedures, you can then rerun the test as needed with new data each time.

What is a data-driven testing framework?

Industries that Can Benefit from Data-Driven Testing

Data-driven testing is a flexible tool that can benefit a wide range of industries. Regardless of what your software aims to do, Ranorex Studio can help you test it so that it is ready for your users.

Banking and Financing

Because applications for banking and financial services have such precise requirements for security and regulatory measures, it is important to have rigorous testing to meet compliance requirements. With Ranorex, you can meet maximum test coverage and receive detailed reporting.

Software Development

Adequate, data-driven testing allows you to release software faster while maintaining quality. With Ranorex, you receive a maintainable, scalable test automation solution that not only supports virtual environments and test execution but also reduces the time required to complete a test cycle.


Patient health and personal data can never be taken lightly. As such, thorough functional testing is essential. Ranorex Studio makes it easy to automate a plethora of demanding UI interfaces, legacy technologies, and web and mobile applications.

Government and Public Service

Government, transportation, and public service applications typically utilize a mix of legacy and modern technologies and host demanding test environments. As such, they can present a difficult challenge for testing. Ranorex Studio suits this wide range of requirements with cross-platform and cross-device testing.


Given the immediate and ever-changing nature of transportation, testing is critical to maintaining a functional user interface. Ranorex Studio helps these applications to release more often and identify defects earlier.

Media and Entertainment

With such a fast-paced market that demands innovation and constant novelty, there is no time for inefficient testing. Ranorex Studio allows you to develop and release faster, all while keeping cost-control in mind and ensuring confidence in the quality of your software.

Small Business

With our flexible licensing approach, Ranorex Studio positions itself as a beneficial solution for small and medium businesses. You can get a low-cost Ranorex Studio single-workstation license for individual users and even add on an optional runtime license to execute additional tests on remote or virtual machines.

Data-Driven Automation Testing From Ranorex

Ranorex is the superior choice for data-driven testing, along with any other tests that your software requires. If you are ready to test out Ranorex Studio for yourself, contact us today to get your free trial.