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Powerful features help QA professionals verify software quality and meet tight deadlines.

Quality Assurance Testing Tools
Tools for every skill level

All experience levels

QA automation for all skill levels, from novice tester to automation engineer

All technology platforms

Support for testing desktop, web, and mobile apps, with real devices or simulators/emulators
Robust field validations

All app functionalities

Robust tools for UI testing, end-to-end testing, plus an API for testing backend services

Works with existing tool set

Integrates with existing QA tools such as defect tracking, test management, and CI/CD servers
Ensure your business-critical ERP process works as expected

Meet the software quality assurance challenge

Perform the in-depth testing you need while delivering fast feedback on application quality.

As a QA professional, your goal is to ensure that your application under test is ready for release. But with limited resources, it can be a challenge to test thoroughly and still provide the rapid test results that your development team needs. That’s where automation tools can help. But the QA tool landscape is complex, with hundreds of tools from test automation to test management, defect tracking, load testing, and more. Combined with the time pressures of manual testing, it may seem almost impossible to get a test automation project off the ground. Most importantly, will the investment in automation deliver the results you need? Ranorex customers consistently report that it does, with a majority saving six hours or more per week in their testing processes.

Ensure your business-critical ERP process works as expected

Explore the benefits of QA automation tools

Be more creative. Automation-assisted testing frees QA personnel from low-level, repetitive and time-consuming tasks.
Of course, there is no such thing as “automated QA”—at least, not given the current state of the field in artificial intelligence. For the foreseeable future, ensuring quality requires the passion and creativity of dedicated quality assurance professionals. But QA automation tools can greatly assist the QA process. For example, automation can trigger smoke tests to ensure that the build is good before your team spends valuable time on manual testing. Automated regression tests can run overnight, freeing up human and system resources during the day for high-level, exploratory testing. Get more time to plan meaningful test cases, and let your automated tests handle the repetitive work of testing boundary and edge cases, cross-browser testing, and cross-device testing.  While automation-assisted testing doesn’t replace testers, it can help them be more productive and engage in more interesting and creative work.

Explore the benefits of QA automation tools

Why use Ranorex Studio for automation-assisted QA?

Get a robust QA testing tool that fit the needs of your team – regardless of team size, skills or testing approach.

Java Automation Testing
Integrate automated functional testing in development environments

Empower everyone on the team

Automation engineers can use Ranorex Studio’s full IDE with support for standard programming languages C# and VB.Net, intelligent code completion, and tools for debugging and refactoring. Testers new to automation can use Ranorex Studio’s matchless capture-and-replay functionality and easy-to-use interface to create sophisticated tests with data validations, parameters, and conditional execution.

Instant productivity

Shorten the learning curve

With Ranorex Studio’s easy-to-use interface and extensive learning resources, testers can be productive in less time. As a QA professional recently reported, “Ranorex Studio’s strong deployment, configuration, and usability enabled us to halve the time required for our testers to get up to speed. The user interface and structure make test automation very easy and intuitive,” Mark Brazeau, ADGA Group Consultants, Inc.

Development environment for coded test creation

Collaborate more effectively

Whether your project applies traditional phased development or the latest DevOps practices, communication between business analysts, developers and testers is essential. Foster collaboration with features such as a shareable object repository, reusable code modules, and customizable test reports, as well as Ranorex Studio’s ability to integrate with automation tools such as CI/CD systems, defect tracking, BDD, and more.

Integrate automated functional testing in development environments

Reduce maintenance with reliable tests

Ranorex Studio’s reliable object identification helps ensure that your tests are stable, even when the app changes. In addition, the easy-to-use interface encourages efficient automation practices that help reduce your maintenance effort, such as reusable code modules, a shareable object repository, and support for parameter-driven and conditional testing. With the Ranorex maintenance mode,  debug failing test cases on-the-fly, without waiting for a test run to complete. Spend more time testing, and less time debugging tests.

Development environment for coded test creation

Use the framework that fits your team

Module-based, data-drivenkeyword-driven, BDD, or hybrid framework—Ranorex Studio supports them all. Save time testing your happy path, sad path, and bad path with data-driven testing, using internally-defined data tables, external spreadsheets or SQL databases. Applying behavior-driven design? Integrate your BDD process with Ranorex Studio using our SpecFlow integration. The Ranorex API offers even greater flexibility to build a custom framework that works for you.

Instant productivity

Conquer even challenging interfaces

Ranorex Studio offers best-in-class object recognition that succeeds where others fail—just ask our users! From an independently-verified review: “I’ve used a lot of tools for automation, but Ranorex Studio is the only one that can automate practically anything.” For web-based applications, Selenium WebDriver integration is built into the Ranorex core API. Execute cross-browser tests in parallel, or distribute them on Selenium grids. For mobile devices, Ranorex Studio supports testing on real devices as well as simulators or emulators.

Build a complete QA automation toolchain

Don’t settle for second best: Ranorex Studio integrates with best-in-class solutions

Ranorex Studio gives you the flexibility to integrate with best-in-class proprietary or open-source quality assurance tools, including test management, build and release management, defect tracking, version control, and more. Create the QA toolchain that complements the way your organization works, delivers the fast feedback you need, and helps ensure on-time, quality releases.

Complete test automation toolchain

“After automation with Ranorex Studio, our organization’s regression testing time is reduced to 25%. And with the help of build integration, early defect identification is increased from 0 to 10%”

Medium Enterprise Computer Software Company

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We deliver outstanding customer satisfaction

Reviews from satisfied users help make Ranorex Studio a leader in the G2 Grid for Test Automation Software, year after year.

The G2 Grid for Test Automation Software identifies leading solutions based on market presence and customer satisfaction. To determine market presence, G2 uses a combination of 15 metrics about a vendor and product such as the number of employees, web and social presence, and growth. The customer satisfaction rating is based on an analysis of reviews submitted by real, verified users. Our high customer satisfaction rating contributes to Ranorex Studio's continued position as a leader in the G2 Grid. Ranorex Studio also receives top marks in areas such as ROIease of use, and ease of implementation. For more independently-verified research and reviews, visit the Ranorex Studio page at G2 Crowd,TechValidate, or Capterra.

We deliver outstanding customer satisfaction

Affordable and flexible licensing

Maximize your budget with options for node-locked or floating all-inclusive licenses, as well as runtime licenses.

A Ranorex Studio license includes all of the features that you need for successful automated testing, including access to our professional support team, software maintenance, and a wealth of online learning resources. We also offer value-added services to maximize the effectiveness of your Ranorex implementation and ensure long-term success. With Ranorex Studio, your team will spend less time maintaining your test automation, and more time focusing on delivering high-quality applications.

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