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TestRail and Ranorex Studio Integration

Create better tests

Use Ranorex DesignWise to generate optimized tests that efficiently eliminate gaps in testing coverage.

Eliminate wasteful redundancy

Generate test sets with scientifically minimized amounts of wasteful repetition. Ranorex DesignWise’s powerful coverage optimization algorithms allow teams to achieve more with less.

Maximize variation and thoroughness

Every test you generate with Ranorex DesignWise is optimized to achieve maximum coverage – allowing teams to achieve greater coverage in fewer overall tests.

Adjust tests to account for risk

Use the Ranorex DesignWise “coverage dial” to ensure your tests are focused on the correct areas and generate the right number of tests to match your execution timeline.

Simple to learn and use

Rapidly create unusually powerful software tests with our famously easy-to-use tool.

Intuitive and uncluttered interfaces

We strive to maintain a clutter-free workspace within Ranorex DesignWise.
Think: a minimalist form with all the function.

Illustrative real-world examples

We provide our users insight through instructional examples based on test plans created by actual Ranorex DesignWise users at our clients.

Solicit feedback effectively

What’s in scope for your testing project? What’s out of scope? Should we include this idea in our tests? Communicate ideas and solicit feedback effectively using mind maps. Your stakeholders will love you for it… and give you better feedback.

Visualize test coverage achieved

Use Ranorex DesignWise coverage charts to make smarter, fact-based decisions about “how much testing is enough?”

Effortlessly turn Ranorex DesignWise test scenarios into automated test scripts

Write Behavioral Driven Development (BDD) automated acceptance tests in Gherkin format.

Create “Given-When-Then” Gherkin automated scripts

Turn your test scenarios into automated scripts for use in Behavior Driven Development (BDD) testing right inside the tool.

Utilize the built-in Gherkin editor

Ranorex DesignWise Automate includes a built-in Gherkin editor that includes autocomplete features and syntax highlighting to ensure valid scripts.

Account for multiple expected outcomes and application flows

Simply create a new Scenario or Scenario Outline for each expected outcome or application flow for which you’d like to test.

Seamless integration with your company’s existing tools and processes

Integrate Ranorex DesignWise into your company’s SDLC.

A variety of export options for a seamless integration

Integrate with your processes by choosing the right export formats: HPQC/ALM, Gherkin Data Tables, Gherkin Feature Files and more.

Let us spoil you with customizations

Don’t see an integration you require on our list of export options? We’ll work with you to build it.

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Rapidly create unusually powerful software tests with our famously easy-to-use tool