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Building high-quality, automated tests is a critical part of ensuring that software is well-optimized and polished before release. But it can also be time-consuming for programmers to build numerous tests to catch as many bugs as they can. Ranorex’s DesignWise software can refocus your test building to reduce test cycles, save money, and get your product out the door faster.

TestRail and Ranorex Studio Integration

What Is DesignWise?

We created DesignWise so that teams with coding experience of all levels can create more efficient and targeted automated software tests. Developers can use DesignWise’s tools to quickly create tests that are executed through Ranorex Studio.

DesignWise includes a collection of Intelligent Augmentation algorithms and a “control dial” that makes it easy for test developers to create the right number of tests for their project. Users can remove unnecessary variables and only focus on the parameters that they need. This enables team members to find and fill gaps in their test coverage and spot areas where tests are unnecessary or overlapping and eliminate them.

Our test automation software also presents much of this information visually, so developers can quickly process and analyze the test parameters and results. This builds in a much more efficient workflow and creates an effective pipeline from DesignWise straight into Ranorex Studio.

One of the best ways to get an idea of how DesignWise works for yourself is to check out our instant demo.

Why Use an Automated Software Testing Tool?

Integrating test automation software like Ranorex Studio and DesignWise into your software development process can save your developers precious time and resources. It also results in a better final product with fewer bugs. With software competition as fierce as it is, customers have no problem deleting apps that are buggy or slow in favor of something else.

When DesignWise and Ranorex Studio are used together, developers can create automated software tests for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Since Selenium is built into Ranorex’s core API, simultaneous browser tests can be run on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Automated software tests can also be completed on actual iOS and Android mobile devices or done through an emulator.

Who Can Benefit from Software Testing with DesignWise?

Our test automation software’s wide range of compatibility and customization options make it a great fit for a wide range of industries. DesignWise is also built with scalability in mind, and it can be a vital software testing tool for startups, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies alike. Any company where software developers are looking to improve the efficiency of their testing cycles and increase collaboration by enabling more members of the team to create and execute tests can benefit from DesignWise.


According to verified surveys conducted by third-party researcher TechValidate, 88% of Ranorex clients see a 20–40% increase in productivity. Tests have also shown that DesignWise results in 50% more time saved during test design and 30% more time saved during test execution. Our documented case studies cover a wide range of company sizes and industries.

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How to Automate Software Testing with DesignWise

Developers working with DesignWise are able to conduct accelerated and optimized in-sprint automation because of several key features. When users create new tests with DesignWise, they will automatically receive interaction coverage reports on the aspects that are covered for each scenario. A model-based approach allows script components to be maintained and reused significantly faster, and scenario blocks can be exported into multiple skeletal scripts in the language of the user’s choice. Those scripts can be quickly converted and implemented with Ranorex Studio.

DesignWise’s minimalist interface is designed to be approachable to developers of all skill levels. We also provide our users with insight through instructional examples based on test plans created by actual Ranorex DesignWise users.

We make it easy for developers to start building tests through DesignWise by providing a wealth of training and educational resources to our clients. That includes the Ranorex Champions Training program, which is a hands-on course with an expert instructor who can teach your staff how to use DesignWise effectively. The program’s customizable modules enable it to benefit staff members across a wide range of roles and with varying levels of software experience.

Focus on your application, not your automation

How to Write Automated Test Scripts

While some developers prefer to write their own code, DesignWise also provides users with the ability to create automated acceptance tests in Gherkin format. This enables more team members to get involved in the testing process and frees up time for your more experienced programmers to work on other areas of the project. Gherkin also enables teams to work according to Behavioral Driven Development (BDD) principles. 

Writing Gherkin Test Cases with DesignWise

Gherkin is an accessible coding solution because it uses plain language when describing software functions. It includes autocompleting features and syntax highlighting while allowing users to create new scenarios or scenario outlines for every expected outcome or application flow.

Ranorex DesignWise: Automated Software Testing

Why Choose Ranorex Test Automation Software?

At Ranorex, we provide a comprehensive network of support to ensure that our clients have everything they need to use our test automation software effectively. When you purchase a Ranorex license, you’ll receive one year of support, which can be renewed annually.

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