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Ranorex Driver expands the possibilities of test automation through Selenium Webdriver. Compatible with Java, PHP, and Python.

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Companies we work with
Companies we work with

Powerful Test Automations for Desktop, Web or Mobile

A product of the overarching Ranorex Studio, Ranorex Driver is a reliable, secure, and high-performance test execution cloud used to streamline development processes and empower testing teams to accelerate their release cycles. When testing in parallel, you can cut down test execution by over 10 times. 

Right now, we’re offering a free trial of Ranorex Driver. If you’re looking for Selenium testing alternatives, Ranorex Driver accompanies Ranorex Studio. The free trial duration and licensing is the same as those of our Studio option. With a free trial of Ranorex Driver, testers are able to fully evaluate the functionality of the program and determine whether it suits their unique needs. 

Whether you currently use PHP automation scripts or Java automation testing, Ranorex Driver offers solutions that allow you to go more in depth and complete testing more quickly and efficiently than other programs. 

Why Use Ranorex Driver?

Ranorex Driver is the best solution for those searching for more extensive and expansive automated testing solutions. Driver comes with a wide range of perks. Our programs are full web, desktop, and mobile testing applications which allow testers to write, record, and execute automated tests and perform Robotic Process Automation on any supported platform. 

Ranorex Driver: Alternative Test Automation Framework
Desktop Automation and Testing

Ranorex Driver is a great option for Selenium Webdriver users who need to perform desktop automation and testing. Ranorex Driver is only usable for Windows desktop applications via Selenium Webdriver code. Even the most challenging desktop applications can access automated testing that can be run in parallel on physical or virtual machines.

Multi-Platform Testing

Create and automate with Driver, our Selenium automation application for desktop. This tool can extend your current tests on web and extend them further to desktop applications, with total efficiency across any browser. Your entire portfolio can be automated and tested more quickly than ever.

Quicker Development and Reduced Maintenance

Execute tests and automation more quickly. Using abstraction layers and collaboration allows a more cost-effective process. This test automation framework offers timely maintenance so you can keep testing without delay. It also offers built-in reporting for speedy feedback. 

Object Identification

Ranorex offers the strongest object recognition in the industry with instantaneous results. Driver offers tools for automated GUI testing. Dive into automation utilizing easy-to-maintain tests based on reliable UI object recognition and identification. These tests are stable and can improve cost efficiency in your process. 

Driver’s UI test automation saves time, resources, and, in turn, money. The time is saved by running tests in parallel across multiple browsers and platforms at once. This allows you to focus on other aspects of the release while testing is completed.

Multi-Language Testing

Ranorex Driver offers multi-language testing and works with languages like Java, PHP, and Python automation. This compatibility means your current knowledge is easily transferable for ease of accessibility. 

Streamlined Processes with Ranorex Products

Ranorex Driver utilizes Ranorex Studio libraries to perform Windows desktop application automation. While Ranorex Driver requires a Ranorex Studio installation in order to function, you can focus your efforts in Driver. 

If you’re utilizing Ranorex Driver within Studio, you might also utilize other tools for testing, such as Ranorex Spy. This allows testers to quickly capture the path to UI elements in their applications and enter these paths into their Ranorex Driver code. Together, our applications create a completely streamlined process.

Who Is Ranorex Driver for?

Ranorex Driver is designed to be used by everyone on the team. If you’re searching for an alternative framework to Selenium automation, Ranorex Driver is the solution.

  • Selenium users: Organizations who currently perform web automation and testing using Selenium Webdriver can use Ranorex Driver to perform desktop automation and testing. Take advantage of a new world of benefits in automation.
  • Developers: Users that are comfortable with building apps in Python or PHP can take their experience and use that for building tests with their desktop applications by translating their actions using the Ranorex Driver.
  • Business analysts: Business analysts can create SpecFlow BDD scenarios directly in Ranorex Driver.
  • Non-technical testers: Those on your team without a technical background can still use the powerful capture-and-replay feature to automate tests, add validations, configure conditional execution, and set parameter values—all without writing code.
  • Technical testers: People on your team with technical experience can create and share reusable code modules and configure source control to ensure that test cases are properly managed.

Benefits of Using Ranorex Driver

Conquer all your automation needs with this convenient test automation framework. Selenium Webdriver is a widely used option, but it is limited to web testing. Ranorex Driver expands the capabilities of Selenium Webdriver to Windows desktop applications, allowing testers who have experience in Selenium Webdriver to automate desktop applications without needing to learn new tools or languages.

Since Ranorex Driver supports any programming language, testers familiar with Selenium Webdriver can quickly create tests for their desktop applications using the same IDE and framework they’re already accustomed to. It can be easily integrated with your existing toolchain faster build and release. Ranorex Driver is the convenient, comprehensive solution you’ve been looking for.

In this short clip, see how Ranorex Spy identifies an UI object for use in a test automated with Ranorex Driver. To see the full demonstration, watch the on-demand webinar below.

Watch Our On-Demand Webinar

Automate Without Limits: Meet Ranorex Driver: Do you have automated tests written using the Selenium framework? Prefer to write your tests in a language like Java, Python, or PHP, but still want to take advantage of the powerful Ranorex framework and Ranorex Spy? Meet Ranorex Driver, a solution for test automation without limits. Watch this on-demand webinar to see Ranorex Driver in action. .

We chose Ranorex for its ease of test creating using recording functionality despite a complex UI that eluded other testing products.”

Mark Dixon, Head of Software Development, Elecosoft UK

Try Ranorex Studio

Want free software? Ranorex Driver accompanies our Ranorex Studio product. Start your free trial for Studio today and the duration and licensing will be the same for Driver. This free trial provides you the capability to fully evaluate Ranorex Driver functionality. Testers can go in-depth to determine whether Driver suits their individualized testing needs. 

Throughout your trial, you’ll have access to expert assistance from our support team. Our solutions engineers offer a “proof of concept” evaluation which gives you the same access to support on top of 12 months of software maintenance services with the purchase of one or more of our licenses. With built-in tutorials and training webinars, this software is easy to pick up and allows for a seamless transition into more convenient testing.

Start your free trial today or reach out for details and assistance.

Build tests quickly with reliable capture and replay, plus click-and-go actions.

For a fast start to your automation project, use the Ranorex Recorder to automatically capture UI actions and elements directly from your application. Then, enhance your recording with validations and parameters, add conditions for execution, and bind variables for data-driven testing. You can also easily configure actions to represent different mouse movements, include time delays, key shortcuts, or invoke actions.

Recognize objects even in mixed-technology applications

Use Ranorex Spy to investigate the user interface of your application, instantly track and analyze UI elements, and fill the central object repository with all controls utilized in your tests. You get consistent object identification across technologies. Spy generates a RanoreXPath for each element – a powerful syntax based on XPath that can uniquely identify UI elements even in mixed technology applications.

Extend recordings or create user code modules in the full IDE

Speed up test development with a full IDE that includes features like intelligent code completion, code templates, debugging functionalities, refactoring mechanisms, and automation helpers. The Ranorex IDE facilitates best practices to reduce test maintenance, such as global and local parameters, reusable modules, smart folders, and setup/teardown sections.

Manage and organize UI elements in the Ranorex object repository

All elements that are identified by the Ranorex Spy are automatically saved in a hierarchical tree structure to the object repository. Each object automatically receives a unique and logical name, and includes a screenshot of the element it represents. The object repository separates the identification information from test actions, to provide improved test maintainability.

Use your existing Selenium WebDriver tests

Ranorex Driver receives and interprets Selenium WebDriver 3 requests, so that you can automate desktop applications in any programming language: Java, PHP, Python, and more. Ranorex Driver does not support all WebDriver API methods, as some do not apply to desktop applications. Supported methods include New Session, Delete Session, Status, Set Timeouts, Get Title, Find Element, Get Element Attribute, and more.

Produce and share test run reports with the built-in reporting API

Ranorex Studio includes an API for comprehensive reporting. The fully-customizable XML-based report, which can be shared and viewed on machines where Ranorex Studio is not installed, is easily understandable for non-technical users and provides a comprehensive overview of the test execution flow. It includes screenshots, is JUnit-compatible, and allows you to directly jump to failed test cases out of the report.

Cubeware chose Ranorex Studio for its ability to fit into their technology stack, strong automation API, excellent object recognition, and ease of use.

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