Implementing Holistic Testing in DevOps

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Holistic testing is an approach to development that sees testing as embedded in every part of the product delivery cycle. It is a wider view of testing that embraces both shift left and shift right. Testing activities can include (but not limited to): actively participating in requirements definition, exploring examples and creating executable specification (automated tests), testing the deployment pipeline, and reviewing logs and events to determine actual customer usage of the product. Each of these activities help to determine a test strategy for features, as well as individual stories.

The question is — where do we start?

If you’re coming from a waterfall environment, moving to a holistic testing approach is hard because there are so many systemic changes to be made, but you can take small steps to start. If you are already practicing agile / DevOps, looking at testing holistically may change how you view testing.

In this webinar, Janet talks about how to adopt and implement holistic testing, including figuring out what practices to start with, how to build the relationships to get changes, how to measure and inform success, and what to do next.

Key Takeaways:

  • Assessment ideas to identify for your biggest wins
  • Guidance on where to start for a holistic testing approach
  • Key cultural issues in transitioning to holistic testing, and ways to address them

The session concludes with a live Q&A session.


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