Government, Public Service, and Transportation Software

Having reliable software is crucial for any industry, but it is especially important when public welfare and government confidentiality are concerned. By using Ranorex’s UI test automation software in your development pipeline, your software teams can save money, improve speed, and increase efficiency.


Functional Testing Tools

Government Software Testing

Government agencies and major corporations trust Ranorex software when designing their programs because they understand Ranorex’s commitment to security. Our comprehensive security protocols are designed to prevent the loss or leak of data. We require our vendors to implement security programs that align with industry standards, including physical, system, and data access control.

Ranorex software is also popular with government teams of all different sizes due to its scalability, intuitive design, and collaborative features. If you’re looking to update outdated government software, move your technology onto the cloud, or ensure that new patches don’t introduce unexpected bugs, Ranorex can help.

Ranorex Automated Testing Tools
Ranorex Automated Testing Tools

Transportation Software Testing

The transportation and logistics industry is growing ever more complex and innovative. As new technologies such as self-driving cars, app integrations, and even drones become more popular, software services will need to iterate quickly in order to be effective. 

A wide variety of transportation companies can use Ranorex to help improve their logistical software, including those who work with boats, trains, aircraft, and trucks. In an industry where even minor hiccups can have ripple effects, having robust testing software is vital.

Public Service Software Testing

At Ranorex we understand the incredible importance of public service software and just how crucial it is for it to work correctly. When people’s access to key services such as government assistance or healthcare are dependent on the performance of its software, it is critical that it can handle the pressure. 

Since public service software can experience massive traffic spikes, particularly when public announcements or deadlines are involved, Ranorex is built to test your software in a range of conditions and environments to ensure that it can hold up to major stress.

Our UI and GUI testing tools are ideal for making sure that your software’s user interface is accessible, intuitive, and efficient.

test automation framework

Ranorex Studio

Our premier software service, Ranorex Studio, was built to help organizations in a wide range of industries to quickly and easily test their software.

Testing Solutions

Our automated software testing is data-driven, user-friendly, and results-oriented. With Ranorex you can catch bugs quickly without relying on manual monitoring. 

Import data from CSV and ESL files or from SQL databases into our testing environment. Once our automated regression testing tool has finished its job, you will be presented with a detailed and precise breakdown of the test results. This ensures that users can catch any unexpected abnormalities, quickly fix them, and then run another test.

With Ranorex Spy you’ll have access to machine-trained object recognition that is able to analyze, identify, and monitor UI and GUI elements.


The Ranorex software suite allows users to quickly design and execute tests on their software across a range of platforms. Ranorex offers automated regression testing on desktop, web, and mobile devices.


Our products are optimized for behavior-driven testing and cross collaboration across departments. With Ranorex DesignWise you’ll be able to quickly and easily generate new software tests with minimal experience. BDD automated acceptance tests can be written in Gherkin format, and the Gherkin editor includes autocomplete tools and syntax highlighting to help develop effective tests.

Sometimes, creating too many tests is almost as much of an issue as generating too few. The DesignWise coverage dial generates the right amount of tests that you need to ensure you can eliminate excessive tests and redundancies, which allows your developers to iterate faster and put out a final product with confidence.

DesignWise can also be used in Agile, DevOps, and CI/CD environments.


One of the best ways that Ranorex software is able to save time and improve collaboration is through its integrations with other popular software services. Ranorex Studio works alongside Selenium WebDriver and Selenium grid to build cross-browser tests with or without writing code. Those tests can be run simultaneously on Selenium nodes with different configurations.

Ranorex also integrates directly into version control systems TFS, Git, and Subversion. Visual Studio users can access the Ranorex core API without leaving their development environment.

  • Jenkins
  • Jira
  • TestRail
  • Bugzilla
  • Hudson
  • Bamboo
  • Team City

Why Choose Ranorex?

Our tools have helped more than 15,000 users deliver high-quality applications. But Ranorex software isn’t just for highly trained software engineers. It is designed to allow less experienced developers to quickly learn and use its toolsets. 

This is done through a combination of intuitive design elements and helpful tools such as the Ranorex Recorder, which allows users to record and playback test automation workflows to onboard team members who may not be experienced in coding.


Powerful Tools and Features

Test Healing
Video Reporting
PDF Validation
Test Scheduling
Object Recognition
Conditional Execution
Nested Loops
Soft Assertions
Keyword-Driven Testing

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Comprehensive Support

When you purchase a new license, you’ll automatically receive one year of software maintenance and professional support. You will also have the option to renew your support services annually.

We offer a wealth of resources to Ranorex software users on our site. Our support pages include testing guides, webinars, test plan templates, and blogs with helpful tips and information. 

Users who want to expand their knowledge of our software tools even further can attend Ranorex Champions Training. These are hands-on, instructor-led courses that will cover best practices and customizable modules for your specific applications and technology stacks.

Ranorex users also have access to the Ranorex forums. There you will find thousands of posts covering automation tools, mobile testing, object identification, automation API, bug reports, and more.

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