Test Case Automation for TestRail

Automate test scenarios in Ranorex Studio and get real-time results in TestRail.

TestRail and Ranorex Studio Integration
Broad technology support

Maximize your resources

Expand test coverage and support fast-paced release cycles while controlling costs.
Tools for every skill level

Empower every skill level

Build sophisticated tests with easy-to-use tools for codeless automation; plus a full IDE.
Integrate automated functional testing in development environments

All-in-one solution

Automate desktop, web and mobile tests on legacy platforms or the latest technologies.
Simple integration

Simple integration

Synchronize test cases with Ranorex Studio and get real-time testing feedback in TestRail.

Achieve your testing goals

Combine TestRail test case management with Ranorex Studio test automation to deliver fast feedback on application quality.

Improve software quality while maximizing your resources by combining TestRail test case management with Ranorex Studio test automation. Use automated data-driven testing  to cover your corner, edge and boundary cases, freeing you from repeating the same test cases over and over for different data values. Boost efficiency by running automated regression tests overnight and in parallel, so that you can deliver the high-velocity feedback essential for DevOps. With less time spent on routine tasks, QA staff can focus on more challenging test scenarios, as well as exploratory and UX testing. Ranorex Studio’s broad technology support, reliable object recognition, and built-in best practices help ensure that your tests are stable and reliable, even as the application under test changes.

Start test automation now. No credit card required.

Record and playback functional testing tool

Desktop testing

Ranorex Studio supports a broad array of desktop technologies, from ones built on Java or .NET to those that rely on 3rd party controls like Telerik, DevExpress or Infragistics. Perform end-to-end testing of ERP systems such as SAP or Salesforce, or hybrid applications that use Chromium-based frameworks CEF, Electron or QT WebEngine.

Reliable object recognition

Web testing

With Selenium WebDriver built in to the Ranorex core API, it’s easy to build web application tests; then distribute them on a Selenium Grid for cross-browser testing on Windows, macOS and Linux. Ranorex Studio supports non-HTML5 elements such as PDF documents that Selenium WebDriver doesn’t

Mobile testing on real devices and simulators

Mobile testing

Test native, web and hybrid mobile apps on real Android or iOS devices or emulators.  Mimic user interactions such as tap and swipe gestures, and mock services such as the GPS location. Rooting is not necessary: just use the Ranorex instrumentation wizard to instrument and deploy your mobile app using a Wi-Fi or USB connection.

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Mastering TestRail Integration: Boost productivity by combining Ranorex Studio test automation with TestRail test case management.

Watch our on-demand webinar
Watch our on-demand webinar

"It is so easy to just pick up the tool and start automating, even if you're not an automation person. It has saved us so much time and cut costs significantly. Upskilling has been easy."

Digital QA Manager, Large Enterprise Logistics and Supply Chain Company

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"We can now deploy three patches a week on an application that used to take a week of regression testing."

Product Manager, Medium Enterprise Retail Company

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Integrate TestRail with Ranorex Studio

Get fast feedback from automated test cases, whether using an on-premise TestRail server or accessing TestRail in the cloud.

It takes just three simple steps to configure TestRail for integration with Ranorex Studio. First, enable the TestRail API. Then, set up the desired user roles and permissions in TestRail. Finally, add a new custom “Automation Type” field to the TestRail user interface which you will use to identify the test cases that you want to automate in Ranorex Studio.

Once the TestRail configuration is complete, you can use TestRail to build a comprehensive test suite that describes all your test scenarios, whether manual or automated. Then, use the new custom field to mark which test cases should be exported to Ranorex Studio for automation. The rest of the integration is handled by the Ranorex Studio TestRail wizard, which handles the synchronization of test cases between the two solutions. For a demonstration of the wizard, watch the video, or read our blog article Ranorex Studio 8.1 Now Available, which describes the integration.

Import, export, and synchronize

Import, export, and synchronize

The integration supports importingexporting, and synchronizing test cases between TestRail and Ranorex Studio. You can import all or selected test suites from a TestRail project into a Ranorex Studio solution. Only TestRail cases that have the custom “Automation Type” field set to “Ranorex” will be imported; others will be ignored. You can also export existing Ranorex Studio test suites to Test Rail. Once import/export is complete, use the synchronize feature to handle updates.

Flexible test execution

Flexible test execution

Once synchronization and test automation are complete, you can execute your Ranorex Studio test suite from within Ranorex Studio or trigger them from a Continuous Integration solution such as Jenkins, Hudson, Bamboo or TeamCity. Whichever option you choose, you can also decide whether to report results to a new TestRail test run, or to an existing one. Ranorex Studio executes all tests in the current run configuration, but reports to TestRail only the results for linked test cases.

Real-time results

Real-time results

During a test run, you can open TestRail at any time to check the status. For a new test run, Ranorex Studio reports results for any test cases that are linked to TestRail and are part of the current run configuration. For an existing test run, Ranorex Studio reports results only for test cases with a counterpart in the existing TestRail run and that are part of the current run configuration. Any test cases that are blocked in Ranorex Studio are reported to TestRail as “untested.”

Start test automation now. No credit card required.

Get a complete test automation framework

Ranorex Studio provides tools for rapid, codeless test creation as well as a comprehensive test automation IDE.

Ranorex Studio's automated functional testing tools
Record and playback functional testing tool

Capture-and-replay for fast automation

Easily build your first automated test using the Ranorex Studio RocketStart wizard and built-in First Steps tutorial. Simulate real user interaction and capture entire workflows with the Ranorex Recorder. Enhance your tests with validations, link to test data, set conditions for execution, and include time delays — without writing a single line of code.

Reliable object recognition

Reliable object identification

Use Ranorex Spy to investigate the user interface of your software under test, instantly track and analyze UI elements, and fill the central object repository with the controls utilized in your tests. You will receive a RanoreXPath for each element – a powerful syntax based on XPath to uniquely identify UI elements in desktop, web, and mobile apps.

Icon support and training

Support for data-driven testing

Rapidly execute your automated procedures to cover multiple test scenarios. Ranorex Studio supports simple internal data tables, CSV and Microsoft Excel files, and SQL database connectors. Use a single source or combine sources for maximum flexibility. Mask input and validation values to keep them from appearing in the test report.

Development environment for coded test creation

Full IDE for automation experts

Use the full IDE to edit recordings or create custom tests entirely in code, using either C# or VB.Net. Speed development with features like intelligent code completion, code templates, debugging functionalities, refactoring mechanisms and more. Store modules in the user code library to share with other members of the team.
Reliable object recognition

Tools for collaboration

Collaborate more effectively with Ranorex Studio’s shareable object repository, reusable code modules, and support for multiple test suites in a project. Manage changes with source control from Git, Subversion or Team Foundation Server. Reduce merge conflicts by integrating the Ranorex Magic Merger into your source control solution. 


Tools for debugging

Use Ranorex Studio’s built-in test report to jump directly into a failed test step, resolve the problem and restart testing so that you don’t miss a step. If additional investigation is needed, simply turn on Maintenance Mode to quickly identify and resolve errors during test execution. Once test execution completes, the integration with TestRail delivers your test run results in real-time.