.NET Testing with Ranorex Studio

Achieve your .NET testing goals with Ranorex Studio’s robust and reliable .NET test automation tools.

SAP testing with Ranorex Studio
Integrate automated functional testing in development environments

Seamless integration

Integrate in environments such as Visual Studio

Development environment for coded test creation

Increased test coverage

Perform keyword- and data-driven testing

For beginners and experts

For testers & developers

Powerful tools that fit the skills of your agile team
Reliable object recognition

Robust object recognition

Industry-leading object identification mechanism

Trust in over a decade of .NET experience

Ranorex Studio – the perfect match for .NET-based environments. Try it free. 

The .NET environment is the foundation of Ranorex Studio. With over 10 years of experience, we are experts in .NET test automation requirements of QA teams and have made it our core mission to provide the test automation features they need. Developers and technical testers can choose to access Ranorex Studio’s core API for C# and VB.NET directly out of their Visual Studio environment, or use the Ranorex Studio IDE to create flexible test automation scripts – all while continuing to use Ranorex Studio’s comprehensive .NET libraries, frameworks, and NuGet packages. Testers will benefit from industry-leading object recognition capabilities with our plugins for Windows Forms (WinForms) and WPF, as well as easy-to-use tools for script-free test creation. The entire QA team, including project owners and managers, can check the progress status using our comprehensive test automation report.

Code editor

Get .NET testing tools that match the skills of your team

From codeless test creation to a comprehensive test automation IDE.


Record & replay

Simulate real user interaction and capture entire workflows without writing a single line of code: Use the Ranorex Recorder to automatically capture all elements you interact with during recording. Effortlessly enhance your tests with validations and parameters, convert actions to user code, or configure actions to represent different mouse movements, include time delays, key shortcuts, or invoke actions.
Broad technology support

API for C# and VB.NET

Based on the Microsoft .NET environment, the Ranorex testing framework provides an API for C# and VB.NET that directly integrates into Ranorex Studio. Without having to leave your development environment, you can use the professional API to create robust and flexible automation projects from scratch or enhance existing recordings in code.
Reliable object recognition

Ranorex Spy

Use Ranorex Spy to investigate the user interface of your software under test, instantly track and analyze UI elements, and fill the central object repository with all controls utilized in your tests. You will receive a RanoreXPath for each element – a powerful syntax based on XPath to uniquely identify UI elements in desktop, web, and mobile applications.
Efficient, modular tests

Object repository

Effortlessly manage and organize UI elements from your automated tests in the object repository. All elements that are identified are automatically saved in a hierarchical tree structure to this repository. Each object automatically receives a unique and logical name, and includes a screenshot of the element it represents. Because the repository separates the identification information, you will benefit from improved maintainability.

Comprehensive reporting

Ranorex Studio also provides an API for its comprehensive reporting mechanisms. The fully-customizable XML-based report, which can be shared and viewed on machines where Ranorex Studio is not installed, is easily understandable for non-technical users and provides a comprehensive overview of the test execution flow. It includes screenshots, is JUnit-compatible, and allows you to directly jump to failed test cases out of the report.
Decrease test automation maintenance with modular test cases

Integrate automated tests in your existing ALM process

Create custom testing solutions and make the leap to continuous testing.

Add automated test cases created with Ranorex Studio to your existing ALM process, whether it is based on a Microsoft tool environment, or others, such as JIRA and Bamboo. Integrate functional automated testing in your existing test framework in Visual Studio, check tests into source control projects using Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), and of course, automatically trigger Ranorex Studio tests with each code change with Microsoft Test Manager.

Decrease test automation maintenance with modular test cases

“Ranorex Studio is a tool which can add value straight away and continue to do so as you learn the tool and add to what it can do. It fits well in a .Net environment and works well with Jenkins!”

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Choose the leader for automating .NET application tests

Improve test efficiency and coverage with Ranorex Studio automation features.

SAP testing with Ranorex Studio
Remote agents

Remote testing

Because Ranorex separates the runtime from test information, you can instantly reuse the same test in multiple environments. Combined with Ranorex Remote, you can increase productivity and run your tests in parallel on remote machines for instant cross-device and cross-browser testing.

Development environment for coded test creation

Regression testing

Integrate nightly functional regression testing with your continuous integration process to ensure that new code does not break existing functionality. Since regression tests are highly time-intensive and repetitive, automation will allow you to increase efficiency and ROI.

Instant productivity

Flat learning curve

Improve team performance, with easy-to-use tools that match all skill-levels in your QA team, comprehensive learning material, free automation webinars, professional support as well as worldwide training courses. Ranorex Studio ensures that you can achieve your .NET test automation goals.

“We used many tools as trials at the beginning. We realized that there are no tools better than Ranorex Studio: the UI is very easy to understand and easy to automate data-driven, reusable, and modular tests.”

Ganesh S. Test Automation Engineer, Siemens AG

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Why Choose Ranorex?

Ranorex allows for faster and easier automation of your cross-browser tests in Selenium. This saves your most experienced staff valuable time that they can spend working directly on their projects.

We are trusted by more than 4,000 users because of our commitment to security, user-friendly design, and comprehensive testing tools. The G2 Grid for Test Automation software shows Ranorex is a market leader in its adoption rate, and also ranks highly in customer satisfaction. The rating is based on the feedback of verified users who noted Ranorex’s ROI and ease of implementation.

In addition to Ranorex’s comprehensive suite of testing tools, we also offer a range of support and educational resources. When you purchase a Ranorex license, you’ll receive a year of renewable customer support.

We deliver outstanding customer satisfaction

Get all of this with your free trial:

  • Record-and-replay: robust capabilities to build tests without programming.
  • Full development environment: script in C# or VB.NET
  • All supported platforms: run tests on Windows desktop, all popular Web browsers, and Android or iOS devices, including real devices and simulators/emulators
  • Advanced functionality: Ranorex Spy for machine-trained object detection, Ranorex Coach for test healing, video reporting of test execution, PDF validation, and more.
  • Customizable test results reporting: generate HTML, PDF, or JUnit-compatible reports; then send test reports as email attachments.
  • Data-driven testing: pull test data from CSV or Excel files, or a SQL database
  • Flexible API interface: easily add Ranorex Studio tests to your CI/CD process by integrating with Jenkins, Travis CI, Git, and more.
  • Built-in integration with Jira and TestRail

Accelerate your software testing with Ranorex Studio. Our built-in tutorials and sample projects will help you be productive right away. Or, if you’re ready, you can review our pricing and buy now.