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Why Ranorex Studio

Comprehensive and affordable test automation tools for the entire team.

All-in-one tool for test automation

Perform end-to-end testing across desktop, web, and mobile platforms. Are you looking to perform end-to-end testing using real devices or emulators/simulators, and run tests across different platforms, devices or technologies? Now you can do it all with one tool. A single Ranorex license enables you to switch from mobile to desktop and web-based automation during the recording process, and create test scenarios that cover ERP applications, legacy UI elements, as well as state-of-the-art or third-party technologies. You can also run tests in parallel to speed up cross-browser testing for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and more, or tame even difficult-to-automate user interfaces with features such as Ranorex Studio’s deep integration with Selenium WebDriver.
Automated functional test automation for desktop, web and mobile applications

Easy for beginners, powerful for experts

Effortless click and go automation or hardcore coding – Ranorex supports both approaches. With the time pressures of manual and multi-platform regression testing, it may seem impossible to get a test automation project off the ground. Many automation tools require advanced coding skills, are limited to only certain platforms, or require complex integrations to automate your user interface. Ranorex Studio solves these challenges with easy-to-use tools for codeless test automation, along with a quick-start tutorial and comprehensive user guide for same-day productivity. Testers with little or no experience in programming can use our capture and replay functionality to build reliable automated test cases without writing a single line of code. Ranorex Studio’s built-in methodology simplifies strategies such as data-driven testing, keyword-driven testing, and test execution based on conditions. Test automation experts can also rapidly automate tests in C# or VB.NET using Ranorex Studio’s full automation IDE.

Built for cross-functional teams

Access the Ranorex core API from Visual Studio and enhance collaboration between developers and testers. Test automation is essential to both developers and testers – and so is collaboration in teams. Right out of the box, a Ranorex test automation project consists of multiple layers, each designed for specific skills in cross-functional teams. While developers and technical testers can access the Ranorex core automation framework and script flexible automation elements, testers can create entire test cases without writing a single line of code, or reuse existing core modules. Project owners and managers can then review test results and check the project progress using the comprehensive XML-based test report. This way, regardless of the development methodology used, cross-functional teams can effectively collaborate on test automation projects.
Modular test automation tools for testing teams

Increase quality and shorten release cycles

Designed for different skills, roles, and needs, the Ranorex functional test automation framework lets QA teams function at their best.

Achieve test automation goals

Achieve test automation goals

When the whole team is responsible for quality, it is important that everyone can contribute to test automation. As Ranorex supports keyword-driven testing, you can ensure that each person’s skill is put to the best use.

Flat learning curve

Benefit from day-one productivity

Minimize the learning curve using intuitive test automation software suitable for different skill levels, with script-free tools for beginners as well as code-based tools for advanced auto-test creation.

Decrease maintenance effort

Keep maintenance low

Since short release cycles produce software that is continuously evolving, updating automated tests can require considerable effort. The Ranorex object repository enables you to easily manage all your UI elements in one place.

Fast feedback

Accelerate the feedback loop

Closely monitor the impact of software changes on the system by integrating automated testing in your CI/CD environment. As lightweight Ranorex tests result in executable .exe files, tests can be automatically triggered with every code change.

Free up resources

Free up resources

Build stable, reliable automated tests that provide fast feedback from testing and have a low maintenance cost – freeing you from repetitive, low-level manual tests to perform more challenging verification of your application – so that your team can deliver high-quality applications to end-users.

Ranorex Studio recognized in Test Automation based on user reviews

Outstanding customer satisfaction

Reviews from satisfied users help make Ranorex Studio a leader in the G2 Crowd Grid for Test Automation Software

The G2 Crowd Grid for Test Automation Software identifies leading solutions based on market presence and customer satisfaction. To determine market presence, G2 Crowd uses a combination of 15 metrics about a vendor and product such as the number of employees, web and social presence, and growth. The customer satisfaction rating is based on an analysis of reviews submitted by real, verified users.

A high overall customer satisfaction rating contributes to Ranorex Studio's position as a leader in the G2 Crowd Grid. Ranorex also receives high marks in areas such as ROI, ease of use, and ease of implementation. For more independently-verified research and reviews, visit the Ranorex Studio page at G2 Crowd,TechValidate, or Capterra.

“Existing tests were taking around 2 days of work, now reduced to around 30 mins per run.”

Software Developer, Large Enterprise Industrial Manufactoring Company

Integrate Ranorex in your toolchain

Keep ramp-up costs low and continue working with the tools you already use.

Whether you’re using the popular issue tracking tool Jira, or version control systems like Git, TFS, or SVN – Ranorex integrates directly with your existing tool landscape. This allows you to build a best-of-breed toolchain that complements the way your team works and delivers the fast feedback you need to detect software defects early and ensure on-time-quality releases.

Integrate automated testing into existing tool environment

A small business computer services company increased testing efficiency, shortened test cycles, and gained robust and reliable test automation using Ranorex Studio, TeamCity, and Jira.

Affordable and flexible licensing

All-inclusive licensing options deliver rapid ROI and on-going savings. A Ranorex Studio license includes everything you need to get the maximum return on your investment, including access to our professional support team, software maintenance, and a wealth of learning resources. We also offer value-add services to maximize the effectiveness of your Ranorex implementation and to ensure long-term success. With Ranorex Studio, your team can spend less time maintaining automated tests, and more time focusing on delivering high-quality applications to your end-users.
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Easy start to test automation

Rocket-fast start to test automation

Tap into our expertise and make your experience with test automation a successful one. Ensure that you’re choosing the right solution for your requirements by completing a thorough evaluation process – and we’ll accompany you every step of the way. Our goal is for you to have a fully-functional Ranorex solution that is well-integrated with your existing infrastructure at the end of the evaluation period. In-house Ranorex experts will provide you with the in-depth knowledge you need to ensure you can achieve your individual test automation goals. If you’re ready to get started, download a free 30-day trial to experience the power of test automation with Ranorex Studio. Or, join a free evaluation webinar, live or on-demand. Ranorex is ready to help you meet your test automation goals!