Ranorex Studio Test Automation Survey 2021 Results

Jun 30, 2021 | Announcements, Product Insights

Ranorex test automation survey results

The results are in! A recent gobal survey confirms that Ranorex Studio helps software development teams increase quality and productivity. Customers report that Ranorex Studio’s powerful object recognition helps create reliable automated tests, that Ranorex is easy to use and integrate, and that it supports a wide range of platforms and technologies.

The May 2021 survey by independent research organization TechValidate includes responses from Ranorex users in small and large companies. Respondents represent industries such as industrial manufacturing, computer software/services, government, electronics, education, financial services, and other industries. Customers use Ranorex Studio to automate testing for desktop, web, and mobile apps, including Android and iOS.

As shown in the table below, customers often experience challenges in software testing prior to adopting test automation:

  • Not being able to test enough of their application
  • UI object identification and automation
  • Staffing
  • Flaky or unstable tests.

Ranorex users report that adopting test automation helps teams overcome these challenges and meet their test automation goals.

Increased quality and productivity

Customers agree Ranorex is worth the investment because of improved application quality and team productivity. Moving manual testing to automation makes testing faster, more reliable, and more cost-effective. Customers find Ranorex delivers on all fronts.

The survey finds:

  • 87% of customers agree Ranorex has powerful object recognition that helps create reliable automated tests
  • 81% of customers report Ranorex provides an increase in tester productivity
  • 79% of customers agree Ranorex test automation helps increase product quality.

Automating functional testing to improve quality and productivity helps teams meet their ROI goals. Software testing is expensive, especially when done manually. In fact, the latest Capgemini World Quality Report finds testing accounts for 23% to 35% of the overall IT spend. Ranorex helps organizations reduce testing costs .

One QA engineer for a small business computer software company sums Ranorex automation tools up best, describing Ranorex as “the best codeless automation tool for the money.”

Easy to use and integrate

Customers agree that Ranorex Studio is easy to use and integrates well with multiple other DevOps tools. In the survey, users reported integrating Ranorex automated tests with other tools including:

  • Jenkins
  • Jira
  • Azure DevOps Server
  • TestRail
  • GitLab CI/CD
  • Microfocus ALM
  • Zephyr for Jira
  • Bamboo

The chart below shows the percentage of Ranorex customers integrating with each tool.

Mark Dixon, the head of software development for Elecosoft UK, highlights the ease of using Ranorex automation software compared to competitors. “We chose Ranorex for its ease of test creation using recording functionality despite a complex UI that eluded other testing products,” Dixon said.

Another reason users turn to Ranorex is the ability to automate multiple types of tests. Customers agree the automation software has a wide range of testing uses, including the following:

  • Functional UI testing
  • Regression testing
  • End-to-end testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Integration testing

The chart below shows the percent of customers performing each type of test:

Supports a broad range of platforms and technologies

Ranorex allows customers to utilize its automation software for multiple platforms and technologies as well. Customers agree Ranorex has the ability to automate the testing that best meets their needs. This includes the following platforms and technologies:

  • Web app testing
  • Desktop testing
  • Mobile – native Android app testing
  • Mobile – native iOS app testing
  • Mobile – web app in mobile browser testing

The majority of customers report using Ranorex Studio to automate testing for web apps, followed by desktop apps built with C# , .NET, or Java. Refer to the chart below for details.

Customers appreciate the support Ranorex provides for a broad range of technologies. One program test manager said, “In our study of several products available on the market, Ranorex was found to suit our needs the best: automation of desktop, web and mobile applications, usable by a wide range of people, easily expandable with our own and external .NET packages.”

Making the move from manual testing to automation can resolve critical functional testing challenges. To explore whether Ranorex Studio is the solution for your test automation goals, take our self-driven demo, or download our free trial today.

All-in-one Test Automation

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