Ranorex 7.1 Released

Jun 29, 2017 | Announcements, Product Insights

Ranorex 7.1 Released

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that Ranorex 7.1 has been released and is ready for download! This release comes with tremendous improvements that will make it easier to add functionality to your automated tests and receive faster feedback.

Codeless creation of conditions

Structure of conditions in Ranorex Studio

Easily set conditions in the test suite, and define which child elements of your test cases should run if particular conditions are met, without having to dip into code. This codeless creation of conditional branching eases test maintenance and makes conditional test creation available to all experience levels! Thanks again for your great input on Ranorex User Voice. Keep voting to see your ideas turn into features!

Find out more in our user guide

Enhanced merge conflict handling

Working on a project in a team? Checking in changes into a version control system such as Git or SVN? Then merge conflicts are inevitable. We have realized the urgency of this matter and acted upon it: In Ranorex 7.1, several common conflicting changes to repository items are now automatically recognized and merged, making it easier for you to work in teams.

Selenium WebDriver integration improvements

Selenium WebDriver integration, introduced in Ranorex 7.0, has already been fantastic, but we won’t stop until it’s perfect! That’s why we’ve added a bunch of usability tweaks to make every web tester’s dreams come true:

  • Enhanced support of Selenium grids: Easily execute tests in a Selenium grid to distribute your tests across different operating systems and browsers.
  • More flexibility: Define multiple capabilities for each endpoint without coding, using our new capabilities configurator
  • Double the speed, double the fun: Ranorex web tests using the Selenium WebDriver integration are now twice as fast in Ranorex 7.1
  • More overview: Instantly view running browser instances on each endpoint
  • Direct access to Selenium WebDriver: Now you can directly access the underlying WebDriver, so you can use well-known Selenium code in your Ranorex web tests
  • WebDriver endpoints API: If desired, you can create and configure WebDriver endpoints entirely in code. View our API documentation and search for RemoteEndpointFactory to find out more!

Find out more in our user guide

Flexible licensing

Make that release deadline using our new monthly licensing package with 10 Ranorex Runtime Floating Licenses. This package is tailored specifically to boost parallel testing so you can get faster feedback from your automated tests!

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