Ranorex Automation Helpers

May 10, 2017 | Announcements, Product Insights

Ranorex Automation Helpers

Ranorex 7.2 introduces Ranorex Automation Helpers, nifty code snippets that help you master daily automation challenges without writing a single line of code.

What are Ranorex Automation Helpers?

Ranorex Automation Helpers are available in a NuGet package full of useful modules and user code actions that make your test automation life easier.
For example, you can use Automation Helpers to do the following:

  • Convert a report to pdf
  • Send the report of a test run via email
  • Handle unexpected pop-ups

How to use Ranorex Automation Helpers

Watch the following short video to learn how to add Automation Helpers to your solution, and how to use an Automation Helper to send out an email with the attached report of a test run. Since Ranorex will frequently add new content to the Ranorex Automation Helpers NuGet package, we have made it easy to keep this package up-to-date. The video also explains how to update the Automation Helpers in your solution.


For more information about Ranorex Automation Helpers, please refer to our user guide. There you also can find a full list of all available modules and user code actions.

Download the new version of Ranorex now and get started using the new Ranorex Automation Helpers.

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