RanoreXPath: A Short Introduction

Nov 7, 2017 | Best Practices

RanoreXPath - A Short Introduction

When you record a test scenario with Ranorex Studio, the whole UI object identifications magic happens behind the scenes. Nonetheless, it is important to have a basic understanding of how UI elements are represented in the RanoreXPath, in case you have to troubleshoot failed test cases.

What is the RanoreXPath

Ranorex Studio utilizes a specific syntax, the so-called RanoreXPath, to locate UI elements in your system under test. The RanoreXPath is based on the XPath query language, which is designed to navigate through XML hierarchies and structures, but provides additional attributes and operators. You can use it to navigate through the UI hierarchy of your system under test and uniquely identify even dynamic UI elements.

How to access and manipulate the RanoreXPath

Watch this video to learn more about the capabilities of the RanoreXPath, and how you can use it to uniquely identify UI elements of any desktop, web, or mobile application.

Further resources

For more information about how you can adapt the RanoreXPath to best represent the UI elements of your system under test, have a look at the user guide sections Ranorex Spy and RanoreXPath as well as the blog post RanoreXPath – Tips and Tricks.

Now it’s your turn! Download the free Ranorex Studio trial to instantly analyze the UI hierarchy of your system under test.

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