Release Announcement: Ranorex Studio 9.3.4 Now Available

Nov 13, 2020 | Announcements

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Ranorex Studio 9.3.4. New and existing users may download this latest version from the Ranorex website.

Creating automated tests is a confusing and tedious process for most quality assurance teams. Ranorex Studio uses world-class UI object recognition to make this process powerful and easy to use across a variety of different platforms. Ranorex Studio users can record, maintain, and run automated tests in a fraction of time compared to other automated test suites and manual testing applications. Ranorex Studio also has a powerful API that allows more flexibility for teams who prefer to code their automated tests.

In this maintenance release, we addressed several key issues:

  • Ranorex users upgrading to iOS 14 required support for several features that changed from iOS 13. We were able to get a pre-release to affected customers quickly, followed by a production release in record time.
  • Ranorex now supports iOS 14 and Android 11 mobile testing. Here is a list of all supported technologies, platforms, and integrations.
  • There were several features in the new QT 5.15 version that were changed that affected Ranorex customers. We were also able to get a pre-release for this issue to customers quickly and into a production release in record time.
  • We have added the last Delphi control not already supported in Ranorex: the Delphi TMS TAdvStringGrid control. This will allow the users to record actions in TAdvStringGrid with hidden columns so that they no longer have to manually configure with the RawText plugin.
  • Users will now be able to test in incognito mode for Chromium-based Edge.

Look for upcoming blog posts highlighting specific improvements that we will be rolling out in the coming months. Sneak peek:  be on the lookout for Studio and Mobile usability and quality improvements.

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