Test Automation Scenarios & Use Cases that Save Time

Oct 23, 2023 | Best Practices, Test Automation Insights

Time-Saving Testing Automations

The right test automation software can save your company valuable time throughout the test design and execution phases. This is especially true if some of your more experienced software engineers are spending too much of their time testing. Test automation software not only enables testing to proceed faster but also allows less experienced staff to complete the process with the same level of effectiveness.

Let’s see how Ranorex automated testing software has helped developers across a range of industries speed up their workflows to save both time and money.

What Is Automated Software Testing?

Ranorex testing software uses a combination of different tools to automate and speed up the test design and execution process. Ranorex works with desktop, mobile, and web applications on both real-world devices and emulators. It includes features such as machine-trained object recognition, script-free automation, and reporting tools.

Automated testing can validate visual details including images, colors, and fonts. It can also validate functional behavior such as navigation, controls, error messages, and data entry. Automated software can improve test coverage and execute a test in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually.

How Ranorex Test Automation Software Saves Time


An intellectual property management software, Unycom works with major companies such as Philips and Daimler. They needed test automation software that could perform critical, end-to-end tests in both web and desktop environments that would ensure quality for their clients while maintaining a swift testing cycle.

After moving to Ranorex Studio, the team at Unycom built 800 automated tests for their software. The tests were able to validate major core functionality of their products, including documentation and task management. What had previously taken their QA staff approximately two weeks to manually complete can now be finished overnight.

“Our suite of over 800 Ranorex automated tests helps ensure that our users never experience any serious issues with our core functionality,” Unycom Head of Development Michael Kohlhuber said.


Leading medical company Siemens Healthcare Computed Tomography was looking for ways to reduce their test execution times while still providing robust object recognition and reducing the amount of maintenance required. They also needed integration with the Microsoft Team Foundation Server, multi-technology support, and rapid competency.

By working with Ranorex test automation software, Siemens’ engineering team was able to quickly onboard new automated testing tools for their processes. They benefited from the scalability of Ranorex software, built-in integration features, and the flexibility Ranorex offers in creating individualized solutions for test design and architecture.

After using Ranorex automated testing software, Siemens had better test designs and faster test runtimes, resulting in significant savings in test execution times. The company was able to reduce test duration by 10% which also allowed them to cut down on the use of expensive SUTs. It also simplified the team’s workflow by creating flexible and shareable code modules and test automation steps.

“In total, the test execution times of the test automation projects were significantly improved,” a test software development lead at Siemens said. “The results up to now indicate that only 60% of the time is needed for execution with Ranorex robust tests compared to the previously used automation tool.”


Ubisoft Entertainment SA, based in France, is one of the most successful video game developers and publishers in the industry, with hit franchises such as Assassin’s Creed, Tom Clancy, and Just Dance. They needed a software solution that could help both experienced testers and non-technical testers with little code experience keep up with the high demand of their internal testing needs. But Ubisoft’s biggest need was to improve speed and efficiency within their testing process.

Ubisoft was able to implement the Ranorex Recorder, which allows testers with less code experience to execute tests created and recorded by more experienced staff. They also made use of Ranorex IDE for coded and scripted automation and Ranorex Spy for item path editing and other solutions.

After moving to Ranorex Studio, Ubisoft saw a significant boost in product quality (20–80%), team productivity (20–50%), along with cost savings (30–70%), and time savings (up to 20 hours a week). Their team was able to run overnight tests that gave valuable insight into the stability of their builds, which helped them tackle problems faster.

“Ranorex is compatible and integrates with our products and pipelines,” Ubisoft QA Lead Madalin Petcu said. “With the required maintenance and needed changes, the solution is working, and it’s been reliable for multiple years.“

Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio is designed to be flexible and easy to use for developers with a range of different backgrounds and skill sets. It includes a full set of automation tools including customizable test reporting in HTML, PDF, or JUnit-compatible reports that can be easily sent as email attachments. Ranorex also works great with both data-driven and behavior-driven testing models.

Ranorex Studio is even more powerful when paired with DesignWise test design software. It helps developers of various skill levels create efficient tests that maximize testing coverage without getting bogged down with superfluous tests. It also allows developers to create tests in Gherkin format, which is ideal for Behavior-Driven Testing (BDD).

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