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Ranorex Studio makes it easy to build reliable web app tests without the need for a complicated, do-it-yourself framework.

Functional Testing Tools
Broad technology support

All technologies

Reliable browser automation for all web applications regardless of the underlying technology,

End-to-end testing

All experience levels

Empower the whole team with code-based or script-free test automation.

Broad technology support

Cross-browser testing

Distribute cross-browser tests on a Selenium grid, either on-site or cloud-based.

Efficient, modular tests

Cross-device testing

Test on physical or virtual servers, real mobile devices or simulators/emulators

Decrease test automation maintenance with modular test cases

Get a complete toolset for browser automation

Test design, execution, reporting and integration: Ranorex Studio is your all-in-one browser automation framework

Ranorex Studio includes all of the tools for browser automation right out of the box, without the need to assemble your own framework. Automate tests for every type of browser action with or without coding. Ranorex Studio supports a broad variety of web technologies and frameworks including HTML5Java and JavaScript websites, Salesforce, SAP, Flash and Flex applications, and many more. Ranorex Studio even supports hybrid desktop applications based on the open-source Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF). With Ranorex Studio, you can  execute tests across browsers and devices, trigger tests from your CI server, get detailed test run reports, and pass test results to tools such as JIRA, Bugzilla or TestRail.

Enjoy the benefits of built-in Selenium WebDriver

More than a mere integration, Selenium WebDriver is built into the Ranorex core API to power your web application tests

With Selenium WebDriver built in to the Ranorex core API, everyone on the team can automate web application tests using Ranorex Studio’s user-friendly interface. Ranorex Studio handles common Selenium WebDriver pain points such as page object mapping, time-out handling and maintaining web elements. Run web tests created in Ranorex Studio across all Selenium-supported platforms and browsers, including Linux and macOS. Distribute web tests across multiple browsers and operating systems at the same time, using in-house or cloud-based Selenium Grid implementations, such as Sauce Labs.

Enjoy the benefits of built-in Selenium WebDriver

TTC Testing Training and Consulting LTD. increased testing efficiency, shortened test cycles, and expanded test coverage with Ranorex Studio and GitLab CI

Accelerate your testing with CI/CD integration

Accelerate your testing with CI/CD integration

Integrate Ranorex Studio automated tests with your CI/CD process to get faster feedback and release more frequently

The pace of continuous integration/continuous delivery environments demands automated testing. Ranorex Studio fit right into  your CI/CD pipeline. Trigger automated tests from Jenkins, TFS, TeamCity, or Bamboo. View test results in a customizable report or send them to a test management system or defect-tracking systems such as JIRA, Bugzilla, FogBuz, and TestRail. To see how the integration works in detail for Jenkins, refer to our blog entry “Integrate Automated Testing into Jenkins.

Tools to empower everyone on the team

Flatten the learning curve and experience day-one productivity with easy-to-use tools, plus support and training services

As a complete browser automation solution, Ranorex Studio offers tools for everyone on the team. Use our reliable capture and replay functionality to identify UI elements, record user actions and build reliable automated test cases without writing a single line of code. Or, use our full automation IDE to create browser automation modules in C# or VB.NET. Ranorex Studio’s built-in methodology simplifies strategies such as data-driven testing, keyword-driven testing, and test execution based on conditions.

Record and playback functional testing tool

Click-and-go browser automation

Everyone on the team can build sophisticated tests with Ranorex Studio’s codeless automation tools. Use powerful capture-and-replay functionality to record test actions. Add field validations and capture screenshots while recording. Easily build data-driven tests by adding links to data tables, spreadsheets or databases. Point-and-click to add parameters or conditions to test cases.

Development environment for coded test creation

Full API for test automation experts

Test automation experts can use Ranorex Studio’s full automation IDE to create browser automation modules in C# or VB.NET. The IDE includes features such as intelligent code completion, tools for refactoring and debugging, and automation helpers. Boost team productivity by creating and sharing automation modules as user code collections and methods for keyword-driven testing.

Icon support and training

Support and training

A Ranorex Studio license includes access to our experienced, professional support team. The Ranorex Help Center provides resources that will take you all the way from novice to expert. In addition to our detailed user guide, there are tips for best practices, release notes, FAQs, “how to” screencasts, the Ranorex user forum and more. Or, contact one of our partners for online or onsite training options.

Ranorex has made life so much easier with testing SAP. It is so easy to pick up and automate as a beginner, but yet powerful enough to use coding skills to create tests.

We used many tools as trials at the beginning. We realized that there are no tools better than Ranorex Studio: the UI is very easy to understand and easy to automate data-driven, reusable, and modular tests.

We chose Ranorex Studio for its ease of use, active development, and the wonderful community/support. Both technical and non-technical people are able to contribute to projects.

A medium enterprise financial services company
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Best automation tool in the market.

Choose Ranorex Studio for robust browser automation

Conquer even the most challenging aspects of web application testing with Ranorex Studio’s powerful tools.

Robust UI element identification

The built-in RanoreXPath syntax uniquely identifies UI elements and conquers browser automation challenges such as dynamic IDs and objects inside cross-domain iframes. Because the RanoreXPath uses technology-specific attributes and operators, your automated web tests are more reliable and robust against layout changes.

Support for UI controls

Handle timing issues

Timing issues can be challenging when testing dynamic web applications. With Ranorex Studio, you can create a search time-out for a repository item, or add actions to wait for an element or page to appear or disappear. Then, simply use these predefined actions without a need to manually implement wait-for mechanisms in code.

Robust field validations

Automate elements with dynamic IDs

Dynamic IDs are a special challenge in browser automation, because the ID of the object changes every time the application is reloaded. The Ranorex Spy tool makes it possible to analyze your web application and apply predefined weight rules to successfuly identify and handle UI web elements with dynamic IDs.

One solution for all of your cross-browser, cross-device automation requirements

Ranorex Studio offers broad technology support to automate testing for all types of applications

Record and playback functional testing tool

Desktop applications

  • ERP systems
  • CRM systems
  • Legacy applications
Record and playback functional testing tool

Websites and web applications

  • E-commerce sites
  • CMS platforms
  • HTML5 websites
Record and playback functional testing tool

Mobile applications

  • Native iOS and Android apps
  • Hybrid mobile apps
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