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How does business process automation software benefit companies? Our BPA solutions improve efficiency, profitability, and accuracy. Learn how.

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What Is Business Process Automation?

Business process automation (BPA) involves the use of software to automate tasks that would otherwise be performed manually by employees. Automation works best for simple, repetitive tasks that may take up a significant amount of time. Implementing business process automation software is a way to revolutionize your company’s workflow.

Business automation maximizes human workforce capabilities by reserving energy for truly necessary tasks. According to Harvard Business Review, nearly a third of daily business tasks could be automated.

Business Process Automation vs. Robotic Process Automation

Both business process automation software and robotic process automation are designed to improve the speed and efficiency of processes that can be automated and reduce the need for manual efforts spent on repetitive tasks. At Ranorex, we offer both to suit the various needs of clients.

Robotic process automation focuses on automating specific and individual tasks, whereas business process automation is geared towards automating the entirety of a multistep process. The functions of business process automation are designed to be easily duplicated to suit similar automatable processes. BPA solutions are complex, and their operation is integrated with several information technology systems.

Business Process Automation Benefits

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Improves Efficiency

Automated processes increase efficiency by delegating small tasks to a software system. This not only saves time and frees up a company’s schedule, but it also saves money that can be allocated toward finding ways to improve products and services or expand in the market. Efficiency is the most desired outcome of all business process automation benefits.


Eliminates Human Error

When an employee has to do repetitive mundane tasks for an extended period of time, the likelihood of mistakes increases. Their mind may drift as they enter autopilot mode. Business process automation software eliminates the possibility of human error, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

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Increases Workload Capacity

The time that used to be spent performing repetitive tasks can now be filled with something more productive. Employees can spend those newfound hours working on various internal projects.

Business process automation solutions are a vital tool for a company that is experiencing growth. Software can accommodate a large number of clients and perform multiple tasks at once. Without business process automations, teams may struggle to meet the company’s growing needs.

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Encourages Meaningful Engagement

Workers want to be doing something that’s meaningful to them each day. Everyone has tasks they don’t like to do that are simply part of the job, of course. But why give employees menial tasks they don’t care for when it could be an automated process?

Repetitive tasks that employees don’t enjoy can lower morale, and lowered morale means their energy is drained when it’s time to do the tasks that they are passionate about. Business process automation software leaves room for employees to do the job they truly love and spend their time on more important projects.

What Can Business Process Automation Software Be Used for?

Data Importing and Documentation

Manually importing data from one program to another is time-consuming and monotonous. Business process automation solutions make the transfer easy when your company decides to switch over to a new database or task delegation program.

Documents can be neatly kept all in one place and organized by clients, years, or any other order of your choosing. Automated processes provide a functional and cost-effective solution to record keeping. It’s one of many ways how automation helps businesses.

Push Notifications and Emails

Our business process automation software can generate custom templates for emails and push notifications. There’s no need to spend hours crafting a freshly written promotional email when you can start with a framework that needs a bit of tweaking.

Push notifications and emails can be conveniently sent out en masse to subscribers who are invested in the latest news of your company.

Support Chatlines

Customers often have many questions about products, services, and hours of operation. Before they call your company up to ask about locations, they can be directed to a support chatline. AI technology deciphers the questions customers ask and gives them predetermined answers based on the content of their queries.

Customer service isn’t the most fun activity. An automated chatline shields employees from receiving the brunt of negative feedback from customers and frees their time to do more important tasks.

E-commerce Orders

Online shopping is becoming increasingly common. Consumers like the ability to make purchases from the convenience and comfort of their homes. For retail businesses, automation with e-commerce software is a necessity.

E-commerce software solutions allow businesses to have easy access to information about monthly revenue, which products are selling, and trends in buyer transactions.


The age of direct deposit is upon us. Checks are a hassle to cash, and let’s not forget mailing fees. Automating payroll with business process automation solutions ensures that payday isn’t forgotten and makes the direct deposit process simple and quick.

Time-Off Requests

Rather than going directly to human resources to request vacation time, which can sometimes feel intimidating, employees can request time off via a software program. This is great for integration of the entire team’s schedule and allows employers and team members a view of who is taking time off on which days.

Requesting time off using a software system means employees are more likely to feel comfortable taking their allotted vacation days, which improves company morale. Team members are less likely to leave you short-staffed by requesting the same day off, and the system can identify how many vacation days they have left in the year.

Employee Onboarding

The hiring process can be tedious. There are endless documents that need to be signed, forms that must be filled out, and direct deposit accounts to set up. Business process automation software can designate training session videos for new employees and make signing forms easier for them.

Automated processes allow you to keep track of the status of various documents and easily follow up with employees who need to get their forms to you. Companies can also automate insurance sign-up processes, starting up retirement funds, and tax forms.

Automate Your Business with Ranorex

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