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Ranorex Studio is a solution for developers and testers looking for simple, data-driven automated testing. Try some of the testing features today with a free trial.

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Why Use Automated Testing Tools?

Automated testing tools provide quality improvements while cutting costs. Put yourself in the user’s shoes and discover the vital feedback you need to increase functionality. Manual GUI testing can suck up a large chunk of time and money, and even more so through repeated tests for each browser and device. Automation executes repeated tests across all browser-device combos in a fraction of the time.

Why Use Ranorex Studio?

The Ranorex Studio is a faster automated UI testing solution that includes all the capabilities a developer might need in one comprehensive download. From navigation and controls to images and colors, Studio provides coverage of every aspect, including error messages and beyond. Get it all in one place with a free trial.

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Automated Testing Tools for Every Platform

Ranorex Driver is an application which allows testers to automate Windows Desktop applications by connecting to open source applications, such as Selenium Webdriver. Selenium Webdriver is very widely used, but is limited to web testing. Ranorex Driver expands the capabilities of Selenium Webdriver to Windows desktop applications, allowing testers who have experience in Selenium Webdriver to automate desktop applications without needing to learn new tools or languages.

Since Ranorex Driver supports any programming language, testers familiar with Selenium Webdriver can quickly create tests for their desktop applications using the same IDE and framework they’re already accustomed to.

Data-Driven Testing

Ranorex Studio allows you to use external data from CSV, Excel files, and SQL databases. Run the same test with different data and get more coverage in a reduced timeframe.

GUI Object Recognition

The Ranorex Spy feature allows for machine-trained object recognition. Analyze, identify, and monitor objects more efficiently, including UI objects.

Action Editor & Recorder

Using the Ranorex Recorder, you can easily record your test automation workflows. No coding is required with these simple automated tools.

Code Editor

Utilizing all the standard programming languages, you can create flexible scripts without the need for scripting language for automation. Ranorex Library is based on the Microsoft .NET framework. With the Ranorex API, create projects entirely in C# or VB.NET and extend your vode using Ranorex Automation Helpers.

Flexible Test Suite Structure

Our flexible test suite creates infinite test scenarios. Combine previous tests or run custom configurations. Do it all in this comprehensive suite, from handling parameterization to configuring data bindings and beyond.

Web & Mobile Test Command Center

Environments are configured in the central command center (the endpoint panel). Tests can be run on external web and mobile endpoints to your cloud provider, including the Selenium Grid.

Remote Testing

Ranorex Agents allows you to simultaneously run remote desktop tests in different environments while still having total access to your machine. Once the automated tests have been fully executed, you’ll receive a notification of the report.

Customizable Test Reports

It’s easy to identify defects and bugs with a fully customizable report in Ranorex Studio. Test runs are completed with an XML-based report that provides a total overview of the entire test execution flow. Look back at recordings to discover where things went wrong and jump back to that exact step.

More Automated Testing Tools from Ranorex Studio

Everything you need will be at your fingertips thanks to the many tools that are included within the purchase of Ranorex Studio.

ranorex driver

Ranorex Driver

Ranorex Driver is a great option for Selenium Webdriver users who need to perform desktop automation and testing. Ranorex Driver is only usable for Windows desktop applications via Selenium Webdriver code. It’s compatible with Java, PHP, and Python, offering a secure, high-performance test execution cloud. Streamline your development processes and accelerate releases by cutting testing time into fractions with this tool that’s perfect for the whole team.

ranorex spy

Ranorex Spy

Ranorex Spy offers convenient analysis opportunities within a UI to identify controls and elements on all devices and browsers. Development gets faster while test time decreases. Run applications through a UI element scanner that will allow you to identify elements and objects and keep track of changes.

Efficient, modular tests

Ranorex API

Ranorex API offers unrivaled object recognition. Get the most customized reports possible across any device or browser using your .NET IDE of choice. This tool is notable to developers for its reporting, repository, and recorder for video reporting.

Benefits of Ranorex Studio

With Ranorex, you’re getting so much more than just our all-inclusive tools. You’re also getting superb customer service, integrations, and more.

Achieve test automation goals


Adding Ranorex Studio to your already existing tool chain gives you access to all our integrations. Check out the full list of integrations.

Instant productivity


Get access to streamlined reporting, including customized reports and video reporting to save time and money.

Efficient, modular tests


The tool is easy to use for users of all experience levels with simplified training certifications customized to meet your team’s needs.

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