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HTML5 Test Automation with Ranorex Studio

Powerful automation framework for comprehensive testing of your HTML5 application.

Cross-browser testing

Cross-browser testing

Run tests without modification across multiple browsers

Test HTML5 tags

All HTML5 tags

Outstanding object recognition and support for all HTML5 tags

HTML5 automation testing tools

Tools for different skills

HTML5 test automation tools for coded & codeless test creation

Cross-device testing

Cross-device testing

Reuse web tests across desktop and mobile devices

Comprehensive HTML5 test automation

Build automated tests for all HTML5 tags and check for cross-browser compatibility with Ranorex Studio

HTML5 offers a wide range of controls that ease feature implementation in web apps and deliver a great end-user experience. However, support for HTML5 web elements differs between browsers and browser versions, adding complexity to your automated functional tests. Because users access your application on different devices and browsers, functional HTML5 testing is crucial to ensure flawless functionality and guard against browser incompatibilities that affect usability and user experience.

Ranorex Studio enables comprehensive testing of apps built with HTML5, with support for all HTML5 forms, form elements, input types, attributes, and media elements — even elements in a shadow DOM. And beginning in version 9.0, Ranorex Studio uses a machine-trained algorithm to automatically handle HTML5 elements with dynamic IDs.

Automated web testing with Ranorex and Selenium

Designed for HTML5 cross-browser testing

HTML5 test automation with Ranorex Studio

User-friendly test automation tools combined with powerful web testing capabilities

The Selenium WebDriver automation framework is the industry standard for open source web testing and offers broad platform and browser support. However, creating automated tests with Selenium WebDriver is time-consuming and requires programming knowledge. Ranorex Studio solves this problem with a plug-in for Selenium WebDriver, allowing you to use Ranorex Studio’s tools for test creation. Once you’ve created a test in Ranorex Studio, you can run it on all Selenium-supported platforms and browsers, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Ranorex Studio also supports Selenium grids such as Sauce Labs and Selenium Box to execute scalable web tests in parallel.

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Create powerful HTML5 tests that provide value to your team with Ranorex Studio

HTML5 automation testing tools designed to create robust and reliable web tests.

Conditional test execution without coding

An HTML5 control behaves differently in Internet Explorer than it does in Firefox or Google Chrome? Implement conditions in your tests to overcome functionality issues based on different test environments while keeping maintenance efforts to a minimum. Use a single test case, and run individual child elements conditionally based on data-sources and parameters without writing a single line of code. This way, you can tweak the test behavior to fit the testing needs of each browser.

Cross-browser testing with conditional execution
Reuse tests across devices

All devices

Record a single test and reuse it across multiple desktops as well as iOS and Android devices without modification. Create comprehensive end-to-end test suites that combine a variety of technologies and platforms with just a single Ranorex Studio license. Accelerate cross-browser testing through Ranorex Studio’s deep integration with Selenium WebDriver for scalable web testing across popular browsers.

Simulate real user interaction

Real user simulation

User actions and key sequences such as drag-and-drop or swipe on your web application can be difficult to test. Ranorex Studio empowers you to instantly record and replay drag and drop operations using the Ranorex Recorder. To test a swipe action on mobile, simply combine a mobile app element such as a button with the action item swipe. No coding required!

HTML5 media element testing

Test HTML5 media elements

Is your HTML5 app design responsive? Are images, videos, and GIFs displayed properly? Perform visual testing with Ranorex Studio: validate the appearance of HTML5 multimedia elements, compare screenshots, or check the presence of video start screens or controls such as play and pause, or verify the source of the media file.

Invoke JavaScript calls

Invoke and validate JavaScript calls

Invoke JavaScript function calls and query object properties straight from the Ranorex Recorder. Validate returned values against predefined values or data sources. Extend the scope of test coverage with integration and unit tests by adding “ExecuteScript” actions to your actions table.

Implement validations

Implement complex validations

Ranorex Studio’s industry-leading object recognition capabilities enable automatic detection of HTML5 attributes as well as inline and computed CSS properties. Use them to create reliable checkpoints in your automated tests to verify all CSS elements of your application. You can also implement code-free validations of form submissions and mouse actions during recording.

Test popups and browser dialogs

HTML5 pop-ups & browser dialogs

Ranorex includes support for pop-ups and offers built-in dialog handlers for common browsers. Simply add Ranorex Studio’s automation helper for starting or stopping a pop-up watcher as user code action or module to your Ranorex Studio solution and easily deal with browser dialogs, pop-ups, JavaScript alert boxes, and many more.

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Why test your HTML5 application with Ranorex Studio

Use Ranorex Studio’s comprehensive HTML5 testing tools to create robust automation suites.

Ranorex Studio HTML5 automation testing tools
Codeless test creation

Codeless test creation

The Ranorex Recorder offers easy-to-use record-and-replay functionalities for instant test creation without coding. Once you’ve started a recording, all keyboard actions and mouse movements are instantly tracked and part of your automated test. Add image-based validations or validations based on attributes to your tests during the recording, or include keyword- and data-driven testing to further enhance your HTML5 tests.

Automation API

Full automation IDE

Do you want to create flexible test automation solutions from scratch or edit existing recordings in code? Use Ranorex Studio’s comprehensive automation API for the standard-programming languages C# and VB.NET. Complementary features such as code completion, code templates, debugging, and many more, ease test creation in code. Once created, you can save user code modules in a library for easy use across projects or to share with other team members.

Robust object identification

Industry-leading object recognition

Benefit from matchless object recognition with Ranorex Studio’s unique RanoreXPath. Based on the XPath query language, it provides additional attributes and operators, empowering teams to create robust and reliable tests that won’t break simply because the position of an element changes. Use the Ranorex Spy tool to instantly track elements of your application, receive detailed control information, uniquely identify even dynamic GUI elements, create snapshots and much more.

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