Testing Java – One of the Most Popular Programming Languages

Java is one of the most popular general-purpose, simple and robust computer programming languages. This object-oriented programming language has been around for a very long time, so many projects have become huge. Therefore, having tests on all levels for large and established Java code bases is very important.

It's a challenge to continuously maintain the quality of code due to time and cost constraints. Automating Java testing can improve the development process. However, how much of the Java code should be tested automatically? Important code has to be prioritized and tested first, for example error-prone code or code that often changes due to new requirements.

Java Test Automation

Creating Robust Automated Tests Easily & Quickly

Ranorex offers simple functional GUI test automation for standalone Java applications and Java applets in web browsers. The automated testing framework is designed to cover a wide range of testing types such as functional, end-to-end, data-driven, regression testing and more.

Ranorex allows the development of easy to maintain and reusable test frameworks for your Java test automation project. Along with continuous test analysis & reporting and the resulting elimination of routine tasks when testing Java applications, Ranorex comes with the following powerful capabilities: efficient and cost-effective test creation, and automation of any Java application.

The supported Java GUI frameworks include the GUI widget toolkits – Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) and the more powerful follow-up Swing – providing graphic user interfaces (GUI) for Java programs such as scroll panes, lists, tables, buttons. JavaFX is used for developing desktop and rich internet applications (RIAs) that can run across different devices as well as the Open Source Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT), which is designed to provide access to the UI facilities of the OS. These can also be tested using Ranorex test automation software.

Testing of Java Applications

Why Test Java Applications with Ranorex?

  • Easy testing of Java GUI frameworks with the Ranorex Java plug-in, including AWT, Swing, SWT and JavaFX
  • Native support for JavaFX (version 2.0 and higher) and SWT elements for increased object recognition stability
  • Building web and GUI tests for applications with mixed Java technologies (e.g. embedding JavaFX in Swing)
  • Automatically enabled instrumentation that works out of the box – no need for manual Java instrumentation
  • Integration with familiar testing frameworks and existing development or testing environments
  • Robust Java tests and powerful object recognition of GUI elements without programming skills using drag & drop functionality
  • Optimal reuse and readability through modularizing of recorded tests
  • Efficient and cost-effective Java testing tool that includes maintenance