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Accelerate your continuous integration process with best-in-class tools for test automation.

Accelerate your testing with CI/CD integration
Instant productivity

Rapid test automation

Sophisticated tools shorten the learning curve and time to build Jenkins tests.
Broad technology support

Broad technology support

Create tests for web, mobile and desktop apps. Test on real devices or simulators/emulators.
Fast feedback from testing

Fast feedback from testing

Trigger smoke tests or your full regression set from your Jenkins server and get fast test results.

For a complete CI toolchain

For a complete CI toolchain

Integrate automated testing with tools like JIRA, Bugzilla, Git or TFS for a complete CI toolchain.

Accelerate CI with Jenkins and test automation

Continuous integration demands fast feedback from testing. Choose Ranorex Studio for a complete Jenkins test framework.
According to InfoWorld, Jenkins is the leading open-source automation server with thousands of plugins to support development tasks. In continuous integration (CI) environments, Jenkins allows developers to collaborate on a shared codebase, managing merge conflicts and executing regression tests automatically to ensure that a “good build” of the application is always available. But Jenkins itself doesn’t include the necessary test automation framework that continuous integration demands. Building a custom framework from scratch or cobbling one together from open-source tools can be time-consuming and challenging. Ranorex Studio is a cost-effective alternative for rapidly building automated tests that integrate with your Jenkins CI server.

An S&P 500 Computer Software Company automated thousands of test cases and realized significant productivity gains using Ranorex Studio with Jenkins and Jira.

Automation for beginners and experts

Ranorex Studio test automation framework

Keep up with the pace of continuous integration with the Ranorex Studio test automation framework for JenkinsRanorex Studio tools empower everyone on the team to rapidly build reliable automated tests. Trigger your regression tests from Jenkins, and view the results in a shareable report or send the results to your test management or defect-tracking system. To see how the integration works in detail, refer to our blog entry “Integrate Automated Testing into Jenkins.

Efficient, modular tests

UI object recognition and repository

Robust object recognition is the foundation of stable automated tests. Ranorex Studio’s best-in-class object recognition helps keep your tests working even if an object changes position. To further reduce maintenance, the object repository separates UI object definitions from the test code, so that updates to UI objects need to be made only once.

Record and playback functional testing tool

Click-and-go for rapid automation

Reliable capture-and-replay allows everyone on the team to participate in building tests. Click-and-go to enhance recordings with field validations, set up data-driven or keyword-driven testing, configure loops, and add conditions for test execution. Drag and drop UI objects or reusable code modules from the shared repository.

Development environment for coded test creation

Full IDE for automating tests in code

Ranorex Studio includes a full test automation IDE with intelligent code completion, code templates, tools for refactoring and debugging, automation helpers, and more. Enhance recordings or create methods and collections entirely in code, using C# or VB.NET. Share your custom code library with others on your team.


Mobile, web, and desktop technologies

Automate even the most challenging user interface with Ranorex Studio. For web applications, Selenium WebDriver is built into the Ranorex core API. For mobile applications, Ranorex supports testing native iOS and Android apps on real devices or simulators/emulators. Read more about our supported technologies.

Record and playback functional testing tool

Distributed or parallel testing

Execute more Jenkins tests in less time. Use the Ranorex Parallel Runner command-line tool to execute tests across multiple capability sets on a Selenium Grid through a WebDriver endpoint in parallel. Or, use the Ranorex Remote pad and remote agents to execute tests in parallel on remote or virtual servers, even with different operating environments.

Development environment for coded test creation

Build a complete CI toolchain

Extend your Jenkins testing capabilities. Integrate with test management solutions such as JIRA or TestRail to unify automated and manual testing. Leverage source control solutions such as Git or Microsoft TFS. Report defects to Bugzilla, FogBugz and more. Ranorex Studio supports the integrations that you need to build a complete CI toolchain.

After integrating with Jenkins, we saved up to 20 hours of work per week.”

QA Manager, Large Enterprise Industrial Manufacturing Company

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We deliver outstanding customer satisfaction

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