Healthcare Software Testing

The healthcare industry has a great deal of immensely important software. Because healthcare software often deals with patient data security and privacy, there are certain requirements it needs to meet in order to be compliant with HIPAA and avoid any legal repercussions. That is why testing is so critical to the success of your healthcare software.

Software Testing Automation for the Healthcare Industry

UI Test Automation for Healthcare

Testing your user interface for your healthcare software helps you to validate the proper functioning of all the relevant elements to ensure there is frictionless communication between the users and the front end of your application. For healthcare, this means ensuring that the software is seamless for the healthcare professionals as well as the patients who may use it. Aside from avoiding a buggy and unusable interface, there are also security issues to consider when it comes to testing.

In order to make sure that you conduct sufficient and efficient tests, you can employ automation. Automated tests will ensure that every test you perform shows accurate results and that you perform the same test as many times as necessary to fix issues.

Functional Testing Tools for Healthcare

Functional testing is a type of testing that allows you to validate your system with regards to the functional specifications that you lay out. The purpose of these tests is to ensure that the appropriate input produces the correct output when referring to the functional requirements.

This is especially crucial for healthcare software where so much patient information can be stored and shared amongst varying users. To ensure the security of everything within your healthcare application, functional testing can help you by checking that all security features are functioning as expected.

Benefits of Software Testing Automation in Healthcare

Catch Bugs Quickly

Automated testing is the best way to implement testing for your healthcare software. This is because automated testing can help you catch any bugs that may come up during the creation of your software. Because automated testing doesn’t rely on manual monitoring, you can be certain that the results are accurate and precise—which is especially helpful with malfunctioning features, as these tests can catch every single bug that arises with minimal effort on your part.

With Ranorex Studio, you can be certain to catch any abnormalities efficiently with additional information to help you locate the bug and address it easily.

Secure Confidential Information

Patient privacy is the pinnacle of any healthcare software. Protecting the personal information of patients is key to ensuring that your software is not only usable but also compliant with all relevant laws and regulations. Testing—especially automated testing—secures healthcare software and prevents any security breaches from occurring before the software is made available to the public.

Security breaches mean more than just a loss of users. In fact, a security breach as a result of improper privacy measures can result in a lawsuit and can put your team at risk. That is why detailed and precise testing must be conducted.

Make Software Intuitive for Various Audiences

Making software usable is also important for any software, not just healthcare-related software. In order to make sure that your users are able to use your software easily and intuitively, you must conduct testing.

This is where automated testing can come in, because it allows you to perform as many and as frequent tests as is necessary to check the functionality of your software for any audience. This is also incredibly important as users of healthcare software often have varying degrees of experience with software and technology. Making software as accessible as possible through automated testing ensures that you cater to the widest audience.

Run Simultaneous Testing on Desktop and Mobile


In today’s digital landscape, many users rely on mobile devices to access their data and applications. Many of the users of your application will be utilizing it on their phones. As such, it is important to make sure that the functionality of your mobile platform is just as advanced and easy-to-use as your other platforms. In fact, a faulty mobile application may just be enough to drive a user away from using your software at all.

If you want to make sure that these users also have access to a functional and seamless user interface, you must conduct appropriate testing. Automated testing allows you to run tests on a variety of platforms simultaneously, saving you time and ensuring that you review all possible usage types for your healthcare software.

Just as mobile usage is frequent among casual users like patients, desktop usage is frequent among professional users like healthcare providers. Because of this, it is important to ensure that the desktop version of your software is equally functional and usable. By making use of automated cross-platform and cross-technology testing, you can ensure that all your relevant platforms are ready for any user.

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Unique Challenges in Healthcare Software

The healthcare industry has particular requirements that are relevant to software developers. These include:


Regulation compliance

HIPAA compliance means that software has to protect patient privacy.

Awareness of clinical usage

Many healthcare applications will be used in a clinical setting and, as such, have to be responsive and intuitive for patients and healthcare providers alike.

Remote test execution

High stakes of errors

Errors are not easily dismissed in healthcare. Wrong information or outdated information can result in the mistreatment of a patient or worse.

Remote test execution

Many integrations

Patients and healthcare providers frequently have information stored on many different platforms, which means that any new software has to be prepared to seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

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