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It’s an extremely fast-paced ecosystem for media and entertainment software companies, and it’s only going to get faster. That’s why having fast and dependable software is essential to staying relevant. A recent survey conducted by third-party researchers found that Ranorex was able to help one media company increase its product revenue and productivity by at least 40%.
Get an edge on the competition by using API testing from Ranorex to make sure you’re hitting your timelines and putting out content fast.

Functional Testing Tools

What Companies Can Benefit from Ranorex Software?

Ranorex software is trusted by major corporations and government agencies because of its user-friendly design, 24/7 support, and extensive security measures. Ranorex is often used to test a broad range of platforms and technologies, including C#, WinForms, WPF, web applications, and more.
Media and entertainment software development studios prefer Ranorex because it allows them to quickly and efficiently test their tools.



In today’s gaming world, content is king. Live service games live and die by how much content they are able to release—and how fast it comes out. There are always new games to play, free-to-play options to compete with, and subscription services vying for attention. Make sure your game is able to reach and maintain the critical mass of players that it needs to succeed by always pushing out new updates and content.
What can kill a game’s success even faster than a lack of content is a buggy final product. The increased size, scope, and budget of many video games have put increased pressure on QA studios. Meanwhile, many studios are struggling to keep their development costs down and meet their milestones.
Ranorex helps game developers maintain their project timelines by improving their application testing, user interface elements, and XPaths. Our extension, Ranorex Spy, allows developers to quickly run their applications through a UI element scanner for machine-trained object detection.


Increased demand and new consumer habits require companies in the entertainment business to be fast and adaptable. Social media has driven trends in what people watch and discuss to make bingeing the latest product an essential part of media consumption. Companies in media software development need robust tools to help them stay on their toes and deliver high-quality digital media.
Use Ranorex’s fast and efficient software testing tools to make sure your TV and mobile apps don’t crash when you put out the latest hit movie or streaming series. Tools such as RanoreXPath can make your Xpaths more robust and allow you to meet the demands of customers.

Entertainment Industry Software Solutions


As one of our most powerful tools, media and entertainment software developers use RanoreXPath to navigate the UI hierarchy of their system and identify UI elements for desktop, web, and mobile applications. While RanoreXPath is based on the XML description syntax XPath, it has additional attributes and operators. This feature of Ranorex Studio primarily works in conjunction with Ranorex Spy.
Ranorex Studio also allows users to add identified UI elements to the central object repository. From there, developers can use repository items in their recording, action table, or code-based test module. Objects can be assigned specific names, default values, or link objects.

RanoreXPath - A Short Introduction
RanoreXPath - A Short Introduction

Ranorex Spy

This tool allows users to identify and validate objects faster and quickly return important information on how objects are interacting with the application and impacting the user experience. Ranorex Spy automatically tracks UI elements, including dynamic elements for detailed data on each use for validation. It also allows users to perform multi-source testing across mobile, web, and desktop interfaces. This tool is also an essential tool for the recognition of GUI objects.
Ranorex Spy allows developers to identify crucial issues quickly, which speeds up development and keeps costs down. Features such as intelligent code completion, code templates, debugging functionalities, refactoring mechanisms, and automation helpers also make the developer’s job easier.

Our Media Testing Solutions Gets Results

A survey conducted by third-party researchers found that Ranorex was able to help a media company increase its product revenue and productivity by at least 40%.

The survey found that Ranorex Studio:


  • Increased tester productivity
  • Saved testing costs
  • Reduced development time to market
  • Increased product quality
  • Increased product revenue

Why Choose Ranorex?

Ranorex is trusted by thousands of companies across the world to perform fast and comprehensive testing. Our data-driven testing, flexible API interface, customizable tools, and full development environment make Ranorex a powerful software for media companies to deploy.


Fast Testing Results

Ranorex was built from the ground up to deliver fast and comprehensive test results for your software. We know entertainment software solutions need to be able to keep up with the high degree of iteration and alterations that your products go through. Ranorex allows you to generate HTML, PDF, or JUnit-compatible reports which can be easily sent as email attachments.
Ranorex Studio support

Customer Support

Ranorex has an extensive system of support for its clients. Our robust user guide is designed to assist developers at multiple levels of expertise. It covers web and mobile texting, system details, interfaces, connectivity, repositories, whitelisting, test validation, reporting, Ranorex Recorder, and more.
We also have product training webinars that cover Ranorex Spy, Recorder, UI elements, RanoreXPath, and other features. For even more education, we offer Ranorex Studio and Ranorex DesignWise courses through the Ranorex Champions Training program.
Plus, you’ll have access to Ranorex’s extensive forums. These forums include thousands of questions, answers, tips, and advice posted by Ranorex staff and users.
Reliable object recognition

User-Friendly Design

We know turnover in the media and software development world can be high, especially for studios in the QA space. Ranorex is designed to be easy for beginners to get started and get to work. Even testers with little experience can make use of our record and replay tools to build reliable test cases.

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