How to Do Cross-Browser Testing in Selenium WebDriver: A Guide

May 12, 2023 | Product Insights

Selenium WebDriver is one of the most popular methods of running cross-browser tests. It can save teams hours in test creation, implementation, and execution. But Selenium becomes far more powerful when used with Ranorex Studio, which was built to integrate seamlessly with Selenium’s tools.

What Is Cross-Browser Testing in Selenium?

A parallel, cross-browser test allows QA teams to run the same tests in multiple types of web browsers simultaneously. Selenium WebDriver works with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. Each of these browsers renders code in its own way and has its own quirks that can cause specific issues with your applications.

By executing tests in all of these browsers simultaneously, developers can receive quick feedback on how their program is working with each. It also helps eliminate the potential for mistakes that can pop up when tests are implemented by hand for each browser. 

Why Choose Selenium?

Selenium was created as a free, open-source platform for automating tests. It has a collection of testing tools, but Selenium WebDriver is its largest component. 

Selenium WebDriver is likely the best free automation testing tool available, in part because of its broad compatibility with programming languages and operating systems. It works natively with Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, and Ruby. It also runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Another reason for Selenium’s popularity is it is relatively easy to learn, and it works well with Agile, DevOps, and CI/CD processes. Selenium can also run on a remote machine and be used for mobile testing when paired with other software tools such as Ranorex Studio.

Who Can Benefit from Cross-Browser Testing?

Just about any QA team that is developing a web application with a popular programming language and needs their software to run well on multiple browsers can benefit from cross-browser testing in Selenium. Because it’s both free and relatively easy to learn, it has a low barrier to entry and several potential benefits.

How Ranorex Can Help

While Selenium WebDriver is a solid tool in its own right, it needs the help of a great software automation platform such as Ranorex Studio to get the most out of it. Without Ranorex Studio, developers will have to build, debug, and maintain each of their own tests. This requires employees to have advanced coding experience and adds hours of extra work to their schedules.

Unlike other testing tools, Ranorex Studio has Selenium WebDriver built into its core API. This allows Ranorex users to build, manage, and execute cross-browser testing in Selenium while also pairing it with our powerful suite of additional tools.

Ranorex Studio empowers developers to build and execute their tests faster. Tests can be executed on Selenium endpoints in parallel or distributed on the grid. Ranorex also enables teams to run mobile tests using Selenium WebDriver.

How to Do Cross-Browser Testing in Selenium

If users already have a test created, or prefer to set one up by hand, they first need to choose a language and IDE to use with Selenium. Once they have downloaded Selenium and a client API, developers will also need to install their selected web browsers, along with the corresponding browser-specific drivers, on their testing device. Once everything is installed, developers can start implementing their tests through Selenium.

However, Ranorex is designed to make cross-browser testing in Selenium even easier for teams to use. Since Selenium is built into the Ranorex core, you can design, edit, and execute tests all on the same platform. Our users can create cross-browser tests with either script-free or code-based tools.

Tools like the Ranorex Recorder make it easier for members of the team with less programming experience to still build and execute effective tests. The recorder allows users to capture processes and add validation steps, variables, and other aspects before using it to run new tests.

Ranorex Studio also separates each test from its environment, allowing tests to be run on different web or mobile endpoints, a cloud provider, or a local Selenium Grid. Once the test is completed, Ranorex provides comprehensive run reports on the results. 

More Tools with Ranorex Studio

While Selenium can take care of your cross-browser testing needs, Ranorex offers an even greater set of automated testing tools. Whether you’re working with desktops, mixed-technology web applications, or native mobile apps for iOS and Android, Ranorex Studio has you covered. Our software has helped numerous development teams improve their processes, reduce inefficiencies, and produce better products faster.

Ranorex Spy offers reliable object recognition, including for dynamic elements, while additional tools include timeout handling, full IDE, and built-in reporting. Ranorex integrates with a number of popular software tools, including Git, SVN, Azure DevOps, and Jira. Team members can effectively collaborate with a shareable object repository and reusable code modules.

  • Nested Loops
  • Soft Assertions
  • Keyword-Driven Testing
  • Object Recognition
  • Conditional Execution
  • Test Healing
  • Video Reporting
  • PDF Validation
  • Test Scheduling

Why Choose Ranorex?

Ranorex allows for faster and easier automation of your cross-browser tests in Selenium. This saves your most experienced staff valuable time that they can spend working directly on their projects.

We are trusted by more than 4,000 users because of our commitment to security, user-friendly design, and comprehensive testing tools. The G2 Grid for Test Automation software shows Ranorex is a market leader in its adoption rate, and also ranks highly in customer satisfaction. The rating is based on the feedback of verified users who noted Ranorex’s ROI and ease of implementation.

In addition to Ranorex’s comprehensive suite of testing tools, we also offer a range of support and educational resources. When you purchase a Ranorex license, you’ll receive a year of renewable customer support. 

Start a Free Trial of Ranorex Studio

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