Ranorex 7.2 Released

Sep 21, 2017 | Announcements, Product Insights

Ranorex 7.2 release

We’re delighted to announce the release of Ranorex 7.2. This release delivers features that make it easier for you to handle common testing challenges and deal with failed tests.

Ranorex Automation Helpers

Ranorex users needed a fast and effortless solution to help deal with daily automation tasks. In our quest to meet your automated testing needs, we are happy to introduce Automation Helpers in Ranorex 7.2. These nifty assets take the form of modules and methods, and are available in the user code library, as well as the module browser. Without having to resort to tricky code solutions, you can simply add an Automation Helper to your test to do the following:

  • Convert your report to PDF
  • Send a test report as an email attachment
  • Handle unexpected popups
  • And many more.

Automation Helpers

Head over to our user guide now to find detailed instructions on how to best use Automation Helpers.

Additional improvements in Ranorex 7.2:

  • Use the Ranorex Parallel Runner for WebDriver to distribute your Ranorex web tests on Selenium Grids.
  • Improved mobile automation testing capabilities allow you to automate native browsers on real mobile devices, tablets and emulators, and test your website in Safari on iOS, or Chrome on Android.
  • Auto rerun failed test containers to reduce issues caused by temporary instabilities of the application under test.
  • Show invisible characters – such as space, tab, and line break – in the test report.
  • Replace the expected image with the actual image found by the image validation in the test report.

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