BDD Framework Integration with Gherkin Built Platforms

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Gherkin syntax is business readable and provides the ability to remove logic details from your behavior tests. It’s a highly technical coding language, and you need to be able to integrate Gherkin syntax into a program that accommodates swift testing. Ranorex allows you to integrate your Gherkin-built platform within a behavioral-driven development (BDD) framework. Integration is easy with Ranorex testing software.

Superior Testing for Gherkin Syntax

Easy BDD Testing

BDD testing is a type of agile software development process that prioritizes collaboration among all facets of a software testing team including developers, stakeholders, and testers using language written in plain, easy-to-read English. The collaboration ensures all parties are on the same page about expectations and makes any errors or glitches easier to detect early on in the development process.
Software testers need a software testing program like Ranorex that seamlessly integrates the Gherkin language syntax into our testing software so that it can be read by all participants and they have a solid understanding of the software development testing process.

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Gherkin Format Compatibility

Ranorex software is built to understand platforms created with Gherkin language syntax. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge in software development, so we have a deeper understanding of what developers need in the testing process. The development of the Gherkin language for testing was a game changer in providing accessibility for all members of the software testing process, and we’re excited to provide a platform that utilizes its benefits with Gherkin testing.
We understand that the Gherkin language has five main elements: the scenario, the given, the when, the then, and the and. Gherkin acceptance criteria written in a clear vocabulary is a necessity for carrying out testing operations under a behavioral-driven development framework.

Test Driven Development

Implementing a BDD Framework

Upon writing out the steps of the testing process, users have additional data written in a domain-specific language (DSL) that can be read by a machine. Keeping computer programming language connected with its respective human language translation is an essential part of the process. A BDD framework allows for reusing code, parameterizing the Gherkin programming steps, and continuous integration.

Test Case Creation

A BDD framework uses test scenarios written in a common language (like plain English) among all involved parties with tests created based on user stories. The user stories are taken and placed into feature files. As part of the UX design process, the focus is on the value or purpose that the user derives from the software. Ranorex can automate the actions in the system, verify the expected output, and return results.

Conditional Logic

A BDD framework using the Gherkin language allows conditional logic to be applied to software using an if-then-when model, meaning that certain steps lead to other pages or options to select. For example, if a person selects yes that they are over the age of 21, they can view liquor products.

Code Reuse

Software developers can reuse code they’ve created to implement in other Gherkin programming steps, which saves time and maximizes efficiency. Creating new code for each step of a software’s features is an unnecessary approach that wastes time that could be spent optimizing functionality.

End-to-End Tests

The BDD framework minimizes the number of end-to-end tests. End-to-end testing checks all the features and functions of the entire application, which is both time-consuming and expensive. Instead of repetitive testing that spends time checking several issues that have already been resolved, BDD testing implements more unit tests.

Unit Tests

BDD Gherkin integration focuses more on unit testing, which tests out smaller details and specific features of an application. This is beneficial for software developers who have features that are dependent on one another, as with conditional logic. If one part of the software is malfunctioning, the others will follow suit. With unit testing, software testers ensure errors have been corrected in one facet of the program before moving on to the next.
With unit testing, errors are found more quickly and can be pointed out to software developers. Over the course of BDD testing implementation, unit tests are a cheaper and more efficient method.

BDD Framework Integration from Ranorex

Superior to other integration software, Ranorex products offer full automation of test design, saving your testing team both time and money. Ranorex products make BDD integration simple. Our software offers a multitude of tools that automate the testing process, including Ranorex Studio, Ranorex Automation API, SpecFlow, and NUnit. These are all integrated within Ranorex software.
Create automated tests using our software by importing feature files using any platform that supports Gherkin syntax. Ranorex will then create a file with the automatically generated code that executes the test scenarios. Create definitions for your Gherkin steps, and execute BDD testing using the NUnit add-in to complete the process.
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Integrate Your Platform Built with Gherkin Language

Use Ranorex BDD integration testing to make the best version of your software possible. We have experience working with the Gherkin language and an extensive team of helpful technical support workers if you ever need assistance navigating a Ranorex program. Contact us or register for a free trial of Ranorex studio to see how you can utilize the tools we’ve built for BDD testing.

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