Integrating BDD Testing with DesignWise

Feb 17, 2023 | Uncategorized

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What Is DesignWise?

DesignWise, a software testing optimization tool offered by our team at Ranorex, was designed to find more defects in software using a fewer number of tests. It fills in gaps that are left by standard test execution using test automation to make sure your software is ready for launch. With DesignWise, you can use less coding and manual testing to achieve your goals.

Test Design

DesignWise was created to be implemented in the test design process, whereas Ranorex Studio is used in the test automation process. DesignWise helps testing teams decide how many tests are sufficient and which features need additional testing to work out the bugs.
In the early stages of the testing process, DesignWise test sets use Intelligent Augmentation algorithms to determine the most efficient test sets, eliminating wasteful processes and redundancy. They generate the perfect number of tests to match the execution deadline.

Several Optimized Outputs

With DesignWise, each test design can result in several optimized outputs in one run. This saves testing teams not only money but also time, which is arguably more important.
With a multitude of outputs in a single test set, testing teams can accomplish more in terms of fixing performance issues with the testing execution timeline they are given. Users can also insert parameters from test models they’ve run in the past using DesignWise. There’s no need to continuously set up new testing parameters with our duplication capabilities.

Coding Language Translation

Users of DesignWise can easily integrate their programming written in Gherkin, Javascript, Robot, Python, and more. As part of the BDD testing process, Designwise allows users to write automated acceptance tests in Gherkin syntax. This coding language is accessible to all parties of the testing process including shareholders, testing teams, and developers because it uses plain language to describe software functions.

Benefits of DesignWise

Ranorex automated software testing products are easily the most advanced in the industry when it comes to efficiency. Here are some numbers we can boast about:

  • DesignWise results in 50% more time saved during test design
  • DesignWise results in 30% more time saved during test execution
  • With DesignWise, there are 1/10th as many gaps in finding errors

Software tests created with DesignWise also find twice as many defects per testing hour. Users can import mindmap and Excel files as well as generate automation code. Our goal is to put all the necessary tools in your hands so you can improve the functionality of your software features.
The numbers speak for themselves, and the technical support you receive from our team at Ranorex is invaluable. We offer a variety of resources, including articles and videos, to help you get started with DesignWise, and our team of experts has extensive knowledge in software development to assist you during customer support.

BDD Testing

What Is BDD Testing?

Behavioral-driven development testing, or BDD testing, is a testing framework designed to create test cases in plain English. This allows a variety of participants to fully understand the testing process. Stakeholders and other non-technical team members can easily read test results and provide feedback on the process.

Unit Tests

BDD testing operates primarily using unit testing. Unit tests catch errors using incremental test runs, rather than testing all features of an entire application or software platform at once. This is beneficial to development teams by creating a more efficient testing approach. Frequent end-to-end testing is often filled with repetition and waste.

SpecFlow Translation

The add-ins that allow DesignWise to fit into a BDD framework are easy to integrate. SpecFlow is a BDD interpreter add-in that smoothly translates coding languages in feature files into plain written English so that test run operations are accessible to all parties. Users simply need to download the SpecFlow repo, copy the folder, paste it into the add-ins section in the Ranorex Installation Folder, then copy the console runner folder and paste it into the location that needs BDD test runs. SpecFlow helps users write feature files in a simple and organized manner.

Seamless Automation Process

Software testing companies and testing teams want the convenience of the testing process to be available from one singular source. The ability to do the entire testing process, from test design to execution and automation, all in one place is what makes Ranorex exceptional. Our extensive software tools equip testers with the most efficient BDD tests yet.

BDD Testing with DesignWise

DesignWise was built by people who understand automated software testing and development. Our tools in DesignWise are created using the Gherkin language to support a BDD framework. Using conditional logic, our software helps you to create feature files for seamless test runs during unit testing. The description boxes help users stay organized and move with the flow of the BDD testing process.

Try DesignWise for Free

Witness first-hand how DesignWise can transform your BDD testing process. Sign up for a free trial of DesignWise, or watch an instant demo to see the truly innovative features our software has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ranorex Studio Needed to Run DesignWise?

DesignWise is a stand-alone product that is meant to complement Ranorex solutions. You can try DesignWise on its own, but you will see the best results possible using our array of Ranorex software products. Ranorex Studio is among the most highly-praised software automated testing solutions that can supplement your BDD testing process.

How Much Experience Do I Need to Operate DesignWise?

Users don’t need knowledge of coding or any advanced software programming knowledge to operate DesignWise, especially with our vast selection of user guides, blogs, and courses available to learn the program. All our users need to understand is the software testing process and how to implement BDD test runs. There will be a learning curve, as with any new software program, but we trust that our users will find it’s been designed to be user-intuitive.

Can DesignWise Be Integrated with Other Testing Frameworks?

DesignWise was created with the intent to support a BDD testing framework. You can download your test plan to use in testing frameworks that use other languages like Java and Python.

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