Quality Assurance (QA) for Startups

Nov 6, 2023 | Best Practices

QA for Startups

We know that software startups need every advantage they can get to leapfrog the competition and start creating exciting products. If you want to know why testing is important for startups, think about the last time you deleted an app or left a website because it was buggy, slow, or tough to navigate. Creating a smooth and reliable user experience is essential, especially if you’re an unknown brand creating new software products.

The Advantages of Automation Testing for Startups

Since many startups have small teams in which every member needs to wear several hats, using test automation software like Ranorex Studio can help make the testing process faster, easier, and less expensive.


One of the most valuable aspects of test automation software is the way that it can significantly cut down on the time that you spend manually testing. This is especially important for unit testing or regression testing, which need to be conducted continuously throughout the software development life cycle. By automating these processes, your team can spend less time searching for bugs and more time creating a great software product.


The longer you go in development without catching a bug, the longer it can take to fix. By identifying and fixing bugs earlier in the process, you can save much more time down the line. Automated testing also allows you to conduct multiple tests simultaneously. Ranorex Studio allows QA staff to conduct the same test on web, desktop, and mobile devices for maximum efficiency.


When you have robust tools that work with a broad range of experience levels, they can be used to help more testers get up and running on the software and take part in the testing process. This is especially crucial for startups that are hiring and training new staff, or that are looking for staff with less coding experience to help out. Tools such as the Ranorex Recorder allow more experienced developers to record a test execution for another staff member to replay themselves. This is ideal for companies looking to use a Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) model that prioritizes participation from parties in multiple departments of the company to create a software solution that is built with the user experience in mind first and foremost.

How DesignWise Can Help

DesignWise is a tool created to help testers with a wide range of experience levels create purposeful and robust software tests. It includes a suite of tools including Intelligent Augmentation algorithms and a control dial to allow developers to set the level of test coverage that they want for each round of testing.

In order to help developers process information faster and easier, DesignWise has a user-friendly visual interface for displaying test parameters and results. DesignWise also allows developers to conduct optimized and accelerated in-sprint automation through the combination of several key features. They include automatic interaction coverage reports, a model-based approach for script components, and Scenario blocks for exporting multiple skeletal scripts in the language of the user’s choice.

For less experienced team members, DesignWise allows testers to write automated test scripts in natural language with the Gherkin format. The Gherkin editor includes autocompletion features and syntax highlighting to help the tester effective tests.

Ranorex Studio: Software Testing for Startups

Once you’ve created your automated test scripts, you can efficiently execute them with Ranorex Studio.

Our software includes a suite of powerful tools such as RanoreXPath, which helps you build tests that won’t break if an object’s position changes due to matchless GUI object recognition. Ranorex’s code editor allows testers to create custom tests in user code, and it supports standard programming languages such as C# and VB.NET.

Ranorex can run tests in parallel on web applications, as well as desktop and mobile devices, including on emulators. When you use Ranorex Studio, you also get the power of Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid built into the software’s API.

A Business Case for Test Automation

Ranorex has a collection of customer success stories and case studies that were built from survey data conducted by third-party research service TechValidate. In one survey conducted of a small computer software business, Ranorex was able to help the business increase both its productivity and its product revenue by more than 40%. 

The business had reported significant challenges with object identification and automation, as well as overall test coverage. It started using Ranorex Studio to automate end-to-end, functional UI, performance, regression, and web service testing.

In the survey, the company said they “strongly agree” that Ranorex Studio helped them:

  • Increase tester productivity
  • Save testing costs
  • Reduce development time to market
  • Increase product quality

Ranorex has also been able to help larger organizations such as video game company Ubisoft, which saw an increase in product quality (20-80%) and team productivity (20-50%), along with remarkable cost savings (30-70%) and time savings (1-20 hours per week). Tools like the Ranorex Recorder were crucial to helping less experienced testers, while Ranorex Spy assisted with path editing.

Data has shown that Ranorex software was significantly beneficial to TomTom, a global leader in navigation and mapping products that is working to reduce traffic congestion. TomTom used Ranorex to automate Bluetooth IOP tests on mobile phones and integrated it with software such as Jenkins CI and HP ALM. By using Ranorex, TomTom was able to easily create maintainable test automation scripts that could be executed across multiple devices and software applications. Their team was able to cut time spent on testing by more than 90% while also saving money through improved productivity.

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