Ranorex Studio Release 8.3 Now Available

Oct 3, 2018 | Product Insights

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Watch our on-demand webinar

Watch our 8.3 Webinar

What’s new in Ranorex Studio Release 8.3? This webinar includes a live demonstration of the major features and enhancements in Ranorex Studio 8.3. The presentation will last 50 minutes.

Our intelligent test automation just got a little friendlier. Download release 8.3 today and say hello to a helpful new wizard, built-in tutorials, installation-free remote test execution, and more!

Improved ease-of-use

  • RocketStart wizard: it’s now even easier for new users to get started with test automation. Let our new wizard help select a technology, configure your app or device, create a solution, and build your first automated test. The wizard even automatically adds modules to start and close the AUT to the setup and teardown regions for you. The wizard launches automatically the first time that you open Ranorex Studio, or when you choose “New test solution using wizard…” from the Start panel.
  • First Steps in Ranorex Studio: a built-in tutorial helps new users create their first desktop, web, mobile, or cross-platform test.
  • Recording history: the Ranorex Recorder now displays a history of the last five actions. While recording, you can delete or modify actions in the history. You can even manually add actions such as a message, delay, or a screenshot using the recorder controls.

Streamlined remote test execution

  • Ranorex Agent improvements: now a license can be deployed with the test execution to the agent, so that an idle agent doesn’t consume a license. In addition, you can now start a test on an agent from the command line.
  • Microsoft Excel license: if you’re using an Excel spreadsheet for data-driven testing, you no longer need an Excel license to execute tests remotely. A valid license for Excel is still necessary on the machine where the test is created.
  • Redistributables: (i.e., C++) It’s no longer necessary to install redistributables on remote machines for test execution.
  • Instrumentation: The Open browser action now automatically instruments the specified browser, even when the browser is running on a remote machine. Simply set the new “Instrument” property in the “Open browser” action to enable instrumentation.

Other improvements

  • Native support for the Microsoft Edge browser, in addition to support through the Selenium WebDriver integration.
  • Support for Apple iOS 12
  • Handling of Windows IME to enter complex characters in languages including Japanese, Korean, and traditional and simplified Chinese.
To learn more, check out the What’s New page, or read the release notes. You can also register for a free webinar on October 11, featuring a live demonstration of the new features in Ranorex Studio 8.3.

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