Ranorex Studio Release 9.0 Now Available

Feb 13, 2019 | Announcements, Product Insights

Ranorex Studio 9.0 new features
Release 9.0 raises the bar on intelligent test automation with powerful new features and enhanced performance – as well as an all-new dark theme. Download release 9.0 today to take advantage of the following improvements:

Next-generation web application testing

  • Machine-trained algorithm for automatic identification of web elements with dynamic IDs, eliminating the need to rely on path weight rules.
  • Significantly faster test execution performance for web application testing, for all web browsers (especially Internet Explorer), even when testing applications with complex DOM elements such as a grid.
  • Automatic identification of web elements in the shadow DOM.
  • Support for Java applications with the JxBrowser with no need for manual instrumentation of your AUT.

Performance and usability improvements

  • Beautiful dark theme to complement our light theme.
  • New 64-bit version for easier automation and debugging for 64-bit applications. With this release, it is no longer necessary to use the external 64-bit Ranorex Spy and Ranorex Recorder to automate your tests. Everything can be done directly in the 64-bit Ranorex Studio user interface.
  • Video recording of test execution: capture video during test execution to see what happened without having to re-run a test.
  • Data for test execution performance analysis: Ranorex Studio now can generate a spreadsheet with the details for each test performed, including the type of action, affected repository item(s) and time required to execute. Use this information to pinpoint which test actions consume the most time and resources and might need to be improved.
  • Release 9.0 introduces a New File wizard and a New Project wizard for a faster, easier workflow.

Enhancements for remote testing

  • Custom tags for remote agents: create custom tags, use them to group agents by capability set or O/S version, search for tags in Ranorex Studio, and launch CI builds by tags.
  • Smarter mouse handling during test execution, which is especially helpful for tests executed in RDP
  • Test Suite Runner improvements for handling multiple test suites in a single project
  • More efficient remote test distribution: only new tests or ones that have changed will be copied to a remote machine.
To learn more, check out the What’s New page, or read the release notes. You can also register for a free webinar on February 20, featuring a live demonstration of the new features in Ranorex Studio 9.0.
Watch our on-demand webinar

Watch our 9.0 Webinar

What’s New in Ranorex Studio 9.0? This webinar includes a live demonstration of the major features and enhancements in Ranorex Studio 9.0. The presentation will last 60 minutes.

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