Automated Computer Software Testing with Ranorex

Computer software testing is made easy with Ranorex. We offer an array of tools for software companies to get started with automated testing today.

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Improve Software Tests with Automation

Test automation can get complicated, but Ranorex makes it easy with Ranorex Studio and other Ranorex products. Ranorex Studio allows even those with no coding knowledge to run automated tests on their software with the use of drag-and-drop test creation and built-in object recognition.

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The Importance of Software Testing

Test automation beneficially impacts computer software companies. This is because test automation allows developers to focus their efforts on tasks that require creativity or innovation. Test automation can be used to take care of repetitive and time-consuming testing without sacrificing on the quality. Ultimately, not only does it guarantee consistent and accurate testing, but it also saves companies money spent on additional staff just to conduct testing.

Time to Market

Ranorex’s products help software developers reduce their time to market by allowing them to conduct necessary tests automatically. With Ranorex’s easy-to-use tools, developers can set up testing quickly and efficiently to get tests completed while they focus on other things.

Instant productivity

Improve UX

Thorough testing is key in optimizing any user interface. Automated computer software testing ensures that any and all issues are addressed before the software is presented to a user. It also ensures that the user experience with your software is smooth and comfortable so that they will continue to use it.

Integrate automated functional testing in development environments

The Cost of Ineffective Software Tests

Running your own testing may seem like an easy way to save money, especially for companies that are on a tight budget. However, the long-term effects can be devastating. Human-run tests can be incomplete or conducted incorrectly. Errors are common and natural, but that is precisely what makes automated testing so valuable. Automated tests catch all problems and ensure that your customer base is not negatively impacted.

Automated Testing vs. Manual Testing

Manual testing is the process by which you test your software yourself. That means you take the time to run your software through testing procedures step-by-step and note what errors and issues arise. 

This can be a time-consuming process. It is also an imperfect process as it is easy to miss certain issues or get overwhelmed by the number of tests that need to be performed to ensure a software is tested properly. 

With automated testing, you remove all of these issues. Automated testing places the burden of testing in the hands of a program that runs the testing process for you and catches every problem so that you may review it. The benefits of automated testing are extensive, but the key is that it removes the need for you to oversee testing.

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Automated Software Testing for Computer Software

There are several specific types of features Ranorex can offer for computer software companies. These include:

Detailed Reporting

Reporting allows you to see what is working and what needs repairing in a given program. That is why Ranorex Studio offers detailed reporting so that you can see precise results for all of your tests.
Support for UI controls

Time Reduction

Reducing your time spent on testing means that you can allocate that time on other things. With Ranorex Studio, you can have testing running in the background as you work on other tasks.
Robust field validations

Object Identification

Ranorex Spy works to identify all of the objects in your software and place them into a repository for you to create your testing. This allows you to go through the test creation process without any coding required.

Ranorex for Computer Software Testing

Ranorex has a selection of tools that can help any company with their computer software testing. These solutions range in function, but they all hold a great deal of importance in the life cycle of software. What makes them so valuable is that they can work in unison with a number of other programs to allow teams to seamlessly integrate their work without additional hassle.

Ranorex Studio is an automated testing tool that allows you to cover as many user scenarios as possible while automating repetitive tasks. It hosts an array of features, such as Ranorex Spy, and it boasts functional integration with several other programs. Additionally, because of its simple drag-and-drop functionality, it makes it easy for even those with no coding experience to use.

Ranorex Selocity is a free Chrome extension that enables you to create selectors through a selector generator. It also creates feedback which allows you to access the elements of your web page securely. These selectors can then be utilized for Selenium tests with a simple copy and paste.

Ranorex DesignWise is a generator for optimized testing. It identifies where there are gaps in your testing to ensure that you are testing efficiently and effectively. It can also take into account your execution timeline so that you can maximize your time and minimize redundancy in testing.

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Previous Computer Software Clients

One key example of Ranorex’s previous success with computer software clients is Antares VIsion. With Antares Vision, Ranorex was faced with the challenge of allowing their software development team to run tests across multiple configurations and multiple software versions. They also had the issue of needing to be able to create a testing environment remotely.

Ranorex presented its suite of solutions to Antares Vision, which allowed them to be able to create a remote testing environment where they could test across multiple configurations and multiple software versions. Notably, they were able to remove the need for software developers to manually run through tests and instead centralize their testing to one remote location. In all, they were able to increase their testing productivity by 30% as a result of working with Ranorex products.

The Best Automated Testing for Your Computer Software Programs

At Ranorex, we specialize in making highly effective software that’s easy for teams to use to automate their testing and develop their software efficiently. To try Ranorex Studio, Ranorex Selocity, or Ranorex DesignWise for yourself, contact us to download your free trial and get started.

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