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Ranorex offers an array of automation testing services for banking and financial institutions. With tools like Ranorex Studio, banking and financial institutions can test software and ensure compliance as well as ease of use for all their customers. 

The Importance of Software Testing for Banking

The banking and financial industry has made great strides in utilizing software to improve their customer experience as well as to store sensitive data. However, adequate testing is always necessary to ensure the success and safety of a software. Not only does testing catch any errors or gaps in security, but automated testing also saves you time and money spent on this critical task.

Ranorex Automated Testing Tools

Banking Regulations

Banking regulations are often concerned with the security of a customer’s information and funds. In order to ensure that you are complying with these regulations, it is important to conduct adequate testing. Automated testing provides you with thorough and consistent testing to make sure nothing is missed.

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UX Improvements

The user experience of your customer is key in maintaining them as a client for years to come. This is because ease of use, accessibility, and unique features play a significant part in how consumers select their banking and financial services. By testing UX, you are ensuring that every part of their experience is functioning as expected.

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The Cost of Ineffective Banking Software Tests

Incomplete testing has both immediate and long-term effects. This is because incomplete testing could result in your software not functioning properly in a user setting, which could cost you in terms of delaying the launch of a software, paying for additional coding, or having to fix other issues the software may have caused. In the end, these minor inconveniences could result in loss of customers as they make the switch to more effective software.

Automated Software Testing For Banking vs. Manual Testing

Automated Testing vs. Manual Testing

Manual testing is testing conducted by a person. This type of testing is time-consuming because the person responsible for testing must manually run through the test and note any issues that arise. This can also leave room for problems to be missed.

With automated testing, the test is run by a software that imitates the end user. This allows for the developer to focus on other tasks while the test is being performed, thus saving them time. Furthermore, because the software is the one making note of any issues, it is a way to ensure that all possible problems are caught. That is what makes this style of testing much more preferable in most cases.

Software Testing in Financial Services

Ranorex can offer specific features well-suited for banking and financial services that will make your software testing smoother and easier. These include:

Ranorex provides detailed reports that provide screenshots so that you can trace back issues to their source. It also allows you to view the test as a video and jump directly back into testing at a failed step, which makes your testing process more efficient and speedy.

At Ranorex, we provide security testing solutions so that banks can assess where breaches are possible and address vulnerabilities before they become an issue.

Ranorex Spy, Ranorex Studio’s object identification tool, scans your application and inputs all elements into a repository where you can view them, organize them, and drag-and-drop them to create a test, making it easy even for people with no software development knowledge to get testing completed.

Ranorex Software for Banks and Financial Services

Ranorex offers a suite of software products to make your testing and assessment process more expeditious and efficient.

ranorex studio

Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio is a tool with a variety of features that make it easy for anyone to perform testing on their software–regardless of their level of coding experience. It boasts features such as Ranorex Spy, which identifies objects in your UI automatically and places them into an object repository where you can view them and utilize them for testing. The user-friendly interface allows you to create limitless testing jobs without any additional coding necessary.

Ranorex Studio also provides interactive reporting, allowing you to access tests from a failed step right from your report and providing you with screenshots so that you can identify bugs at their source.

Development environment for coded test creation

Ranorex Selocity

Ranorex Selocity is an innovative and free browser extension that allows you to create unique selectors through a smart generator. It also allows you to right-click on any element of a webpage and instantly access selector types. From there, you can simply copy and paste into Selocity and receive results immediately. While simple in its function, it is an invaluable tool that saves developers time and grants them added efficiency.

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Ranorex DesignWise

Ranorex DesignWise is your solution for testing organization and optimization. With DesignWise, you can eliminate gaps in your testing coverage to ensure you are maximizing coverage while minimizing test deployment. It allows you to determine how many tests you need in the time that you have allotted so that you can best utilize that time and meet deadlines.

Previous Banking Clients

Ranorex has helped many clients to success. Of particular note is a banking client that utilized Ranorex Studio because they lacked sufficient test coverage, were struggling with test reporting, and generally lacked stable and reliable testing. Ranorex automated their database, end-to-end, functional UI, integration, regression, smoke, and visual regression, among others.

As a result of Ranorex’s products, they were able to increase product revenue, save on testing costs, and increase their product quality. They were also able to increase their productivity by a total of over 40%.

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Get the Best Automated Testing in Banking with Ranorex

Automated testing can provide you with significant benefits in both time and money saved. While some automated testing tools can be intimidating, Ranorex Studio makes it easy with accessible and functional features that require zero coding knowledge. To try Ranorex Studio out for your business, contact us today and request your free trial.

Ranorex has made life so much easier with testing SAP. It is so easy to pick up and automate as a beginner, but yet powerful enough to use coding skills to create tests.

We used many tools as trials at the beginning. We realized that there are no tools better than Ranorex Studio: the UI is very easy to understand and easy to automate data-driven, reusable, and modular tests.

We chose Ranorex Studio for its ease of use, active development, and the wonderful community/support. Both technical and non-technical people are able to contribute to projects.

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