Advantages of Behavior-Driven Development

Mar 18, 2023 | Programming

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What Is Behavior-Driven Development?

Behavior-driven development (BDD) is a framework for software development in which teams create tests in plain language without code. Creating test scenarios in simple English allows all members of the development process to gain an understanding of the testing process and results.

Stemming from test-driven development, which allows developers to work with multiple selections of test data, this collaborative framework is a way to synthesize test-driven development practices and make them more accessible to everyone involved. Typically, it is implemented with Cucumber software and written using Gherkin language, which defines the behavior of applications. It has become increasingly popular among software testing companies due to its simplistic nature.

Using a Behavior-Driven Development Framework

A behavior-driven development framework uses conditional logic to perform tests, applying an “if, when, then” model. First, software testing team members and various stakeholders assemble to determine the purpose and desired outcome of a test run. They then define the requirements for the test runs as structured scenarios and use those scenarios as a guide for automated testing. 

After implementing the scenario, developers revise and refactor the software as necessary, developing the functionality until the software passes the testing scenario successfully. Owners, testing teams, and stakeholders all must play an active role in the process of a behavior-driven development framework. 

Advantages of BDD Framework

Easy Collaboration

Collaboration is one of the most integral benefits of BDD automation. As part of the behavior-driven development framework, communication is encouraged among members of the software development project every step of the way. Expectations for software features are clearly stated, as are the steps for making sure the software is functional. Third-party investors who have little knowledge of technology can remain informed about the testing process without the need for translation. 


The straightforward nature of behavior-driven development is a huge draw to many software testing companies. An advantage of BDD frameworks is that behavior-driven development is easy for any novice to learn, regardless of whether they are a coder or entrepreneur. 

Quick Feedback

Rather than implementing large test runs that test the entirety of a software product’s features, behavior-driven development runs tests in shorter iterations. This incremental progress results in more frequent communication among collaborators. Rapid feedback is an essential component of behavior-driven development, and it allows for continuous improvement with each new recalibration of a software product. 

Centered on User Needs

BDD benefits development companies by centering the testing process on its intended audience. With user needs in mind, BDD makes the finalized product easy for users to understand, navigate, and operate. Thinking about user intuitiveness is an often missed aspect of software development, but the presence of non-technical members who can contribute ideas in the testing process gives a unique perspective that developers can utilize. 

Fewer Test Runs in Less Time

The advantages of behavior-driven development testing include the efficiency of cutting out unnecessary tests. Only tests that are an essential part of the development process are run. The tests are purpose-driven with the intent to spot errors and correct them before deployment. Because more bugs are caught, there are fewer wasteful tests, saving software development companies time and money. It improves the quality of code, makes maintenance easy, and minimizes project risk.

Our Behavior-Driven Development Testing Tools

Seamless UI Automation

Automated behavior-driven development testing tools streamline the testing process by equipping software testing teams with the ability to create feature files for smooth test runs. Tests can be built without any programming or code. The benefits of BDD automation are numerous, including saved time and fewer test runs, but the most important is that companies receive a greater return on their investment. Behavior-driven development results in finished software products being deployed sooner and with fewer missed bugs. 

Multiple Integrations

Ranorex testing software can be integrated with programs such as Jenkins, Jira, and TestRail. Complete continuous integration, rapid automation, and fast test run results make working with these tools significantly easier and accelerate the building process. Our AI-powered tools identify objects reliably and accurately so that intelligent code completion is functionally sound. Combining your go-to software development tools with Ranorex maximizes your resources, resulting in quality products. 

Customizable Reports

Custom reports at the end of each test run give software testing teams the data they need and none of the information they don’t. With customized test result reports, the BDD framework application is easy to apply, and the reports are easy to decipher. Users can receive reports for each test run or each test case, and they can filter reports by categories such as specific actions. Reports are sent conveniently to users’ emails and can be generated as HTML, PDF, or JUnit files. 

Start Exploring BDD Benefits with Ranorex

Maximize the advantages of your BDD framework with Ranorex testing software. Our behavior-driven development testing tools provide you with automated test runs that improve the functionality of your software in a shorter amount of time. Sign up today for a free trial of Ranorex Studio functional UI test automation with intelligent test design, and watch how productivity increases within your team.

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